How to Stay Healthy in Winter Season

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As we get closer to the winter months we start to worry about certain aspects related to health and fitness. However, as per Ayurveda, winter is a season that provides an inherent boost to immunity. As winter approaches our body temperature decreases and the core undergoes thermoregulation to adjust to the new climate. Sometimes though it brings in winter season diseases. If we take certain easy precautions during the winter season, with little effort we can have supercharged healthy winters. Let us list out few tips for the winter season.

Plan a Healthy Diet

A balanced diet is a must. Grains, chicken, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds, and spices are a must. You must have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to boost immunity. Vitamin C-rich food is the best to boost inner strength.

Active Life

Due to winters, it becomes difficult to get out on the road or gym. Physical activity is an important aspect to stay fit. One can include Yoga or any indoor physical activity. Staying active helps improve defense against seasonal ailments like cold and flu.


We all know sleep is a must for a healthy mind. In winter you need to move a notch up and increase your sleep duration by 30 minutes to one hour. Remember that sleep is non-negotiable.

Skin Care

Damaged, dry, itchy skin and cracked heels are common when winters hit us. You must pay good attention to moisturizers and apply sun protection when moving out. Increasing fluid intake contributes to healthy skin.


We generally feel less thirsty during winters. At times we do not realize but we drink less than 500 ml of water a day. The best way is to keep a track of water intake and keep a target as per your weight.


Taking bath, cleaning your hands regularly, and wearing clean clothes are a must in winters. The low temperature might push you to avoid these at times. However, one needs to pay special attention to these.


Wear clothes that keep you warm when you move put. Avoid sudden changes in temperature. There is no harm keeping head covered and wear woolen foot-covers if required.

Vitamin D is Important

Vitamin D is a must all year round. However, due to winters, our exposure to the sun reduces. It is important to go out in sun. Do not hesitate to take supplements if required.

Do not Smoke

Avoid smoking or reduce it as much as you can. Smoking makes individuals more susceptible to respiratory infections. It takes more time in winters to get cured hence prevention is always better.

Drink warm fluids and food

One must avoid drinking cold fluids and food, especially drinks which are loaded with ice. Instead, try warm fluids and food. This keeps our temperature close to the setpoint and hence helps our immune system to stay active.

Preventing Cold and Influenza

Try to get immunized against influenza. Ensure that you throw tissues in a bin after use and do not reuse them or use cloth tissues. Wash hands regularly with soap or sanitizers. Regularly clean items such as knobs keypads, phones, toys that are accessed by others. Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, etc.

Health checkup

If you have any medical conditions such as Asthma, Hypertension, Diabetes, or any other health issues, do not hesitate to get a medical checkup done at the onset of winter. Your doctor might want to change certain medicines or the quantity keeping in view the medical state.

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