How To Sleep Well

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sleep well

How to sleep well

Good sleep is essential for a healthy and happy life. When we get up after a good night’s sleep, we must feel refreshed and alert. We must feel that we have the energy and balance to take on the day’s tasks. Once we take on all this, we should be able to fall asleep again easily. If you feel this is not exactly the way your day starts and ends, you are not alone. Most people miss out on good quality sleep even though they spend a lot of time in bed. Waking up tired, unable to remember basic things like where the car keys are, and not able to focus on work are all indications that you are not sleeping well.

Sleep time loss

Not sleeping well throws our hormones out of balance. Various executive functions of the brain slow down. Our food choices become unhealthy. Lack of sleep also induces irritable or cranky behavior thus affecting our social and family life.

Tips to get a good night sleep

There are few simple things we can do to have a good night’s sleep. These tips are backed by science and research on sleep habits.

Cool and darkroom -Temperature above sweet spot that is somewhere around 20 Deg C helps the body get a sound sleep. Making room darker further contributes to better the quality of sleep.

Quiet bedroom – A quieter bedroom is most crucial for getting good sleep. However, many a time some outside noise cannot be stopped. Thus creating an artificial sound such as white sound, sleep music, etc can muffle noises. Even a fan running can do a dual job of keeping the room cool and creating the required sound.

Choose the bedding carefully – Everyone has their own posture of sleeping. Hence it is important to have bedding and pillow that support the posture. You may have to experiment a bit to reach the most favorable bedding.

Clean your room –  A cluttered room can also pose a risk of bad sleep. Try clean things around you to have a sound sleep.

Dim lights at home –  Avoid bright lights. Use a dimmer if required and reduce the intensity as you go close to the sleeping time. This will prepare your brain slowly for a sound deep sleep.

Avoid Caffeine and alcohol –  One must avoid caffeine, sugary drinks, and soda. Alcohol can further diminish the quality of sleep.

Avoid emails and messaging –  Take yourself slowly away from messaging and emails. Let your body and mind understand and relax well before you hit the bed.

Bedtime yoga –  There are certain yoga poses that help you sleep well. You can try to practice those daily, within a period of 7 days, one can notice the difference in sleep quality.

Bathe before sleeping – A warm bath or a shower about one hour before bedtime can relax the body and mind.

Take home message

Sleep is one of the most essential parts of daily activity. Following the above-mentioned tips will not only improve the quality of sleep but will also distress you and prepare you for the day-long work or activity.

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