How to Prevent Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Indian Health Ministry has reported about 25 lakh cancer patients and about 10 lakh add to this total every year. The rise is so sharp that chances are of the disease to rise five times by 2025. Out of total cancer cases, more than one lakh cases of breast cancer are reported every year. Out of these 50% succumb to it because of delay in finding and lack of awareness. Diagnoses mostly happen when people are in Stage III or Stage IV. In these stages, it becomes difficult to cure or manage to lead to complications and death. As time is passing by, the age group with maximum new cases is reducing and more young women are suffering from breast cancer than a few years back.

Difficulty of finding at an early stage

Unfortunately, the early stages of breast cancer do not show any symptoms. However, we have to understand that Stage I is curable and Stage II is manageable. As we move towards Stage III and Stage IV, only improving quality of life in balance days becomes important. As per medical research, as much as 33% of the cases are preventable. One needs to understand that cancer strains the complete family financially and emotionally. Hence it is best to prevent cancer rather than treat it. There are a few who are genetically susceptible to abnormal cell growth leading to cancer. But modifiable factors such as unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and poor dietary habits account for a larger number of cancer cases.

Study on cancer and women

Several studies conducted by WHO, the Ministry of Health, and various NGOs prove that breast cancer risk is increasing in young women due to lifestyle changes. High consumption of oil, ghee, and other similar items increases obesity which is directly related to breast cancer.

Breast cancer can be prevented

By adopting simple yet effective measures, we can prevent breast cancer. Few important measures are enumerated below.

  • Annual complete body checkup us a must. Detecting early is the key. One should not wait for a symptom to show up.
  • A regular sonomamogram one a year is a must for all women
  • Self-checkup is important to notice early changes. It is thus important to teach young girls how to do a self-checkup.
  • One must maintain healthy BMI. Obesity is directly related to breast cancer.
  • Always try to consume a balanced diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables must form part of daily food.
  • Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is simple yet effective in preventing breast cancer.
  • Tobacco and alcohol usage must be curbed. Stop smoking completly and reduce alcohol intake to a few ml in a week.
  • Physical activity especial cardiovascular activities prevent breast cancer. Yoga and other form of physical activities directly help prevent cancer.
  • Reducing stress and enjoying music, a book and a new hobby is a must.


Lifestyle changes and a sedentary lifestyle have increased cases of breast cancer many folds. Modern women are facing this challenge at a much younger age. It thus becomes imperative that we maintain a healthy lifestyle and track our health status regularly. A complete body checkup is a must. Regular screening enables early detection and hence can help treat cancer fully.

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