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Why do we need to workout? You may be happy with the way you look. But what one misses out on is that fitness and workout are not for body shaping but for holistic health which includes your heart, your muscles, joints, and other organ systems. It is recommended that one should workout five days a week for complete development. Also, you need to remain consistent as the body detrains quicker than it trains.

Are you convinced that it is important to workout on daily basis? However, you seem to have no time in your busy schedule to fit the gym or fitness activity. Here are some tips on how to motivate yourself and get going.

‘Your Body can stand almost anything. It is your mind you need to train!’

Tips To Motivate

1. Clarity

You need to be clear about why you need to workout? Is it fitness, weight loss, fat reduction, better body composition, or simply a hobby you enjoy?  All this can be done on the road, in the gym, at home with or without equipment. All you need is a clear aim.

2. Plan your day

Planning the day helps to fit in the physical activity in the tight schedule. If needed carry a change of clothes to the office.

3. Post-it

Take the help of post-it to remind you every now and then to take care of your health. Stick them on your bathroom mirror, dressing mirror, laptop, refrigerator, etc. Researches have proven that you always land up doing a task which you think more about.

4. Inculcate the 3 X 10 rule

Take a 10-minute walk break three times a day. Use the evening 10 minutes to do a few stretches and exercises like pushups, crunches, squats, etc. Start with a mini-10-minute exercise routine.

5. Associate your activity with a cause

There are so many runs, walks, cycling, or other physical activities being organized to spread awareness about many ailments such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, etc. Get in touch with an organization and take part in those events.

6. Social Media

Use social media to gather knowledge and information about short workout routines. Post selfies of doing them. Get appreciation and motivation.

7. For early risers

Set out your workout clothes aside at night before hitting the bed.

8. Time slot

Use your television watching time to do workouts. Switch on your favorite series and exercise while watching it.

9. Cross Training

Mix and match the workout regime to prevent boredom. There is a huge variety of workouts that one can try. The benefit of mixing is that while bringing variation in the workout regime, one lands up activating all muscle groups.

10. Start small

Start with a short duration of workout routine. Do not head for a one-hour workout on the very first day. Do something which is possible and achievable. This prevents you from tiring yourself out and getting demotivated. Remember ‘What hurts today will be your warm-up tomorrow!’

11. Energizing

Exercise makes you feel energetic and refreshed even when done after a long day’s work.

12. Fitness Apps

Use Fitness apps which are available in various forms. There are paid and free applications that cover workouts, diet plans, water intake and cover several other fitness requirements. Tracking your workout keeps you motivated. Knowing how many calories you have burned, how many steps you have walked, how much your heart has exercised raises the motivational levels. Have short-term well-defined fitness goals. Make sure your goals are realistic.

13. Socialize

Make friends when out for a walk or a run. A small chit-chat before, during, or after a workout makes you look forward to it.

A Word from H2FCare

We have to find ways and means to convince our minds to workout. Once you get started and start enjoying the different forms of exercise, there will be nothing to stop you. You will see a fitter individual tomorrow than what you are today.  As someone has said,” A little progress each day adds up to BIG results!”

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