How To lose BELLY FAT

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belly fat

‘Belly Fat’ also known as visceral fat is the fat that lies deep inside your abdomen surrounding your internal organs. It surely makes you look obese and difficult to zip up your jeans. This is not the end, rather it is the beginning of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Losing belly fat is one of the major goals of a weight loss program.

People have a lot of myths and misconceptions about belly fat. Today we bust a few myths related to this.

Myth 1

‘Belly Fat’ is the hardest to lose as compared to other areas of the body.

The fact is the body has a system of storing fats and consuming them as fuel. However, at the cellular level, all fat cells are the same. Every individual is different and hence your body decides where to store the fat and which fat cells to consume first.

Myth 2

The best way to burn ‘ Belly Fat’ is running and doing cardio.

The fact is that although cardio is the fastest way to burn calories, strength training is extremely essential. Strength training increases lean muscle mass and boosts your metabolism. Both of these help the body to consume more calories even at rest resulting in fat burn.

 Myth 3 

More Ab workouts and spot exercises done on abdominal areas are all we need to have a flat belly. Special exercise training programs available can help get a flatter belly.

The fact is that no amount of crunches or spot muscle exercises can reduce ‘ Belly fat”. You will have to be calorie deficient to lose weight and your body will decide when to consume and reduce ‘Belly Fat’. 

Myth 4

Reducing calories intake by reducing food can help remove ‘Belly Fat’ fastest. Special pills and shakes can substitute for food and hence remove ‘Belly Fat’.

The fact is that extremely low intake of food will put the body in starvation mode. The body will lower the set point for calorie consumption. Also, pills and dietary supplements result in slowing metabolism and hence further enhance fat storage in the body in the long run being counterproductive.

Myth 5

Juice diets or crash dieting will help melt ‘Belly Fat’ faster.

The fact is that you cannot consume any food to melt a particular cell area. All it does is reduce food intake and hence reduces calorie intake. So one becomes calorie deficient and starts to lose body fat but along with muscles mass.

The bottom Line

‘Belly Fat’ reduces as a result of being calorie deficient. Hard work and perseverance over a long period can fetch you great results. Keep working out eat healthy to live a healthy and fit life. 

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