Exercises for Relief from Nerve Pain

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Nerve flossing targets an irritated nerve such as sciatica, the pinched nerve on the neck, piriformis syndrome, and many more. It is a simple process that gently mobilizes your irritated or compressed nerve. This involves some extreme simple exercises which one should do as many times during a day as possible. This is also known as neural or nerve gliding. The exercises need no equipment so people can do them easily at home. There are many nerve flossing exercises that can be done to calm an irritated nerve. Although exercise will vary depending on the condition you are in.

Some of the exercises are:

  1. Take a chair without arm rest and sit comfortably. Place your palms on your knees. You have to coordinate the movement of your neck and your legs. Extend one leg at a time. As you extend your leg look at the roof. Raise the leg as high as you can without feeling any pain. At the maximum go up to knee level. Do not place the foot on the floor as you go back. Repeat it at least ten times. Then do the same with the other leg, irrespective of which leg you have the pain in. For better understanding see the video above.
  2. Stand in front of the chair. Let the chair be as far away so you can easily place your foot on it. Bend downwards from the waist and stretch your toes outwards. Bend as much as you can without feeling any pain. Hold for 50 seconds and then go back to starting position. Repeat this at least 10 times. Do the same with the other leg. For better understanding watch the video above.
  3. Take a yoga mat or lie flat on your back on your bed. Bend your legs from the knees. Place one leg on top of the other. Place your hands under the folded leg and lock the palms together. With the help of your hands pull the legs towards your chest. Raise your head towards the legs. Hold yourself in the position for 50 seconds. Release slowly and go back to start position. Repeat for at least 10 times. Change the leg and so the same with the other leg.

For those, you find it difficult to place one leg on top of the other and pull. Place your hands under the knee of a single leg and pull it towards your chest. Remember to raise your head. While going back extend and stretch your leg and then fold and place it on the floor. You may see the video above for a clearer understanding.

4. Lie flat on your stomach on the yoga mat or your bed. You can place your hands beside you or keep them folded as you are comfortable. Fold one leg from the knee and place it behind the knee of the other leg. Raise the knee of the folded leg. Hold for 30 seconds and release. Repeat it at least 10 times. Fold the other leg and do the same.

Take Home

You will observe after a few days of daily practice of these exercises your range of motion has increased. You will benefit from both flexibility and strength of the muscles and nerves with these exercises. They will help to reduce the inflammation and pain in the nerves of your legs. These exercises can be done at any time of the day. You can do them before or after a meal, early in the morning, and at bedtime. The greater number of times you do the greater the benefit you draw from them.

Article by: Capt Jitender Harjai Fitness expert H2F Care

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