How To Correct Your Foot Strike?

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foot strike

Foot Strike is basically how your foot lands on the ground when you are running. When we run, it is a mix of landing and rolling. Also, remember that all runners are not the same. Every runner has a different gait, stride length, and technique. So this does not make you wrong and others right. However, some basic yardsticks are standard and must for part of every landing and rolling.

Understanding foot strike

We can divide our foot into three parts; heel, mid-foot or ball of the foot, and toe.

While running, those who land first on their heel come under the category of heel strike. Those who run on the toes (generally sprinters) mean that their toe lands first, is a fore-foot runner. And few land on the
mid-foot or ball of the foot. Once a runner lands, the forward movement of the body is generated by rolling the foot. Hence a heel strike runner will roll the foot to mid-foot section followed by toe and then will leave the ground for the next stride. Fore-foot runners or toe runners spend the least time on the ground and generate all the power from the toe. It is possible to do this only for a short distance. The mid-foot runners land on the thickest part of the sole known as the ball of the foot. They then roll forwards shifting body weight thereby rolling to the toe and then leaving the ground.

Mid Foot Strike

A mid-foot strike is the one you will hear from all professionals to be the correct form. It affects running tremendously. Let us list out the advantages of mid-foot strike:

Mid-foot strike alleviates the impact of running to other joints and muscles.
We often see in toe runners that mid-foot landing prevents them from over-striding
Mid-foot landing allows your feet to land under your center of gravity (CG) point thereby reducing your propelling force and hence energy requirement.
Mid-foot which has thick tissue prevents various foot injuries.

Since the foot lands under the center of gravity, the foot is always pushing the body forward, Hence maintaining momentum is easy.

Correcting Foot Strike

We can correct our foot strike by doing some simple drills. We can intentionally walk on the ball of the foot for a km or so. Once we start getting a feel of this, start jogging initially ensuring you are using mid-foot to land. Also, you can stand near a wall and while standing at one point move your leg up as if you are running and then land on mid-foot under your hips. The more you get a feel of this, the faster it will be for you to adopt during your training sessions and competitions/ races.

Article by: Capt Jitender Harjai Fitness Expert H2FCare

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