How to Calm Down in Life

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Life brings out new challenges every day. Our days are full of stressful moments at home, work, or nowadays on social media platforms. These stresses pile up and start affecting our health. Chronic stress brings down our mental and physical health drastically. Long-term chronic stress even starts affecting our organ systems. We thus need to find ways to lower our stress and anxiety and calm down at the end of a stressful day, week, or month. Learning how to calm down thus becomes vital in handling stressful moments. Certain exercises can help us overcome anxiety, stress, and frustration. A calmer approach to life thus becomes an unavoidable essential.

Calming down as a biological response

We have heard people telling others, “just calm down”. We might also have used these words to calm someone down during an altercation. But have we ever said these words to ourselves? It is easier said than done. We notice that in a stressful situation our hands start to shiver, palms become sweaty, the heart starts to race, blood pressure rises.  These are the reactions that our body gives in a situation identified as ‘flight-or-fright-or-fight’. This biological response is helpful in order to overcome a situation that demands such actions. However, a stressful situation may show a similar biological response but the answer is not ‘flight-or-fright-or-fight’ but to calm down.

Practice calming down

Deep Breathing – Practice deep breathing as it has an immediate calming effect. All one needs to do is take a long deep breath and hold it for a few seconds. Release the breath slowly but completely. Repeat this a few times and the results are immediate. The biological response to stress is calmer.

Accept surroundings – Try to measure the environmental response to your senses like hear, see, taste, touch, or smell. Get aware of the surroundings. The stressful event as your brain interprets changes as environmental stimuli on different senses is measured.

Go for a walk – Walking alone even for 10 minutes and trying not to think about anything but walking is extremely effective in chronic stress conditions. The small-time brings you to the present moment away from memories and judgments which are putting you in pain or stress.

Gratitude – it is important to practice gratitude and bring appreciation in daily life. You may like to give thanks to the sun, road, plants or anything which you come across. This practice has shown a remarkable effect on acute and chronic stress cases.

Mindful meditation and yoga – This is the most effective way to calm from the inside. The practice makes our thoughts and emotions calmer and fills them with empathy and joy. Mindfulness can help us reduce anger and emotional anxiety.

Take home message

The above exercises are meant to help calm down quickly for the moment and also calm down in overall life to bring mental and physical wellbeing. Once practiced, these exercises will bring a sense of focus and peace back into life. Make them part of daily life and get rid of chronic and acute stress conditions.

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