How To Breath Effectively While Running

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breath while run

Not able to run fast and long as I run out of breath!

Runners often have the issue of shortness of breath. This is more common among beginners. The basic reason is that while running we tend to hyperventilate and hence start doing shallow breathing. This means that the volume of air we are exhaling is not equal to the amount we are inhaling. This leads to shortness of breath. So when we are inhaling less oxygen, our muscles get less of it. Hence initially they start using anaerobic sources of energy. Since those stores are very less, soon we are left with no option but to slow down or stop.

What can we do about it?

  1. Remind yourself to exhale completely. while running do not worry about inhaling as that will happen on its own. If you are not able to do that regularly, plan certain points in your run where you will exhale completely for example remember to exhale completely every 200 meters or at any distance you feel comfortable.
  2. Link your exhalation with the step you take. You can practice breathing in for two steps and breathe out for two steps. This will balance inhaling and exhaling air.
  3. Do breathing exercises. These exercises help breathe properly, increase volume capacity and help build muscles required to exhale. Watch the video.
  4. Remember to run upright. Allow your lungs to expand completely. Belly breathing should be practiced. It basically involves allowing your diaphragm to expand completely allowing more air to come in. You can practice this by lying down and keeping a book on your stomach. Now when you breathe in and out, the book should move up and down.Watch our video for better understanding

Article by: Capt Jitender Harjai Fitness expert H2F Care

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