How To Boost Your Metabolism?

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We often hear people talking about metabolism and how it affects weight and our energy levels to do tasks. People talk about taking medicines or yoga or workouts to boost the rate. Before we further deliberate on this, we need to accept the fact that every individual is different. So it is important to understand various ways and implement on one’s own self intelligently.
Metabolism can be defined as the sum of all the chemical reactions taking place in our body which results in burning calories. A higher metabolic rate means the body consumes burns more calories. The result is that weight loss is easier or weight gain is difficult. Also, one feels more energetic and feels good.
We are listing out a few points which are common to many, however every step may have a different result as brought out above.

1. Proteins vital in all meals.
When we eat, our body consumes energy to digest it. Protein requires higher calories to digest. Also, it gives a feeling of fullness and avoids overeating. Protein is also a building block of our muscles and functioning. Hence it not only retains the muscles but also results in an increase if we workout. The overall result is loss of weight and being more active.

2. Drinking water
Studies have proved that drinking water increases metabolic rate by 15 to 30%. Drinking water 30 minutes before meals make you eat less. It also clears the system for better digestion. If we drink cold water the results are better. This is because the body has to bring up the temperature of water to core temperature. The body increases metabolism to increase temperature.

3. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
Everyone is not able to sustain high-intensity activity for a long duration. So the reply is to do it in smaller intervals. We bring our heartbeat to higher levels (Zone 4 or Zone 5), sustain it for a short duration, and then rest to do another round. This was we repeatedly restart metabolism again and again leading to fat burn and better energy levels for day-long activities.

4. Lift weights
Once we lift weights, we not only maintain the current muscle mass but also increase it. Higher the muscle mass, more is the metabolic rate even at rest. As we age, we tend to lose muscle mass. Doing weight training at all ages delays the aging effects on metabolic rate.

5. Move around
Our body is very intelligent when it comes to saving fuel to sustain life. It also prepares the body for starvation if it happens due to any reason. So if we are sitting at one location and not moving, the body immediately reduces the functioning of various internal processes. This results in a lower metabolic rate. However, if we don’t sit in one place for more than 30 minutes, the body will not be allowed to get into hibernation more and reduce metabolic rate.

6. Spicy food is good
Spicy food increases the metabolic rate many folds. However, not everyone can take on spices. However one can slowly introduce natural spices into the meals leading to high calorie consumption.

7. Sleep healthy
It is important to sleep at least 8 hours. Remember to have a healthy sleep avoid watching TV before going off t bed or being in high-intensity light area. A good night’s sleep is said to decrease the hunger hormone ‘Ghrelin’ and increase the fullness hormone ‘Leptin’. Also, a good night’s sleep keeps you active all day and helps consume more energy. The overall result is a high metabolic rate.

8. Coffee is good, boosts metabolic rate
Coffee can boost the metabolic rate by up to 10%. It is believed to contribute to fat burn and consume more calories. Thus drinking coffee helps to lose weight or maintain weight.

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