How To Begin With Yoga

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Start With Passion And Resolution

begin with yoga

Yoga is not just any other physical activity. It is a true way of how one should exist in their lives. It is a way of life and respect for one’s own self. YOGA is a Sanskrit word that means ‘union’. It is a union of all aspects of life. With yoga, one learns how to stay connected to thoughts and the present self. Yoga gives acceptance of self and how we should be conscious of our life and present moment. It may take many years to truly adopt a yoga-oriented life however as soon as one steps on the yoga mat, it should bring in a feeling of self-acceptance and appreciation. Life may pose anything anytime, but yoga truly connects thought and process together. 

 Release Expectation

The moment one begins yoga as a mindful exercise, one begins the practice of gratitude. In true mind and self-acceptance, one must feel expectations to start wading away. If you have any expectations “I should be able to touch my toes by now?”, or “Am I looking good for Instagram?” let it flow with the thought of acceptance. One must try to focus on the core of the actions and not the results. It is important to start yoga from where you are and not from where others feel you should be!!

 Get yourself into the right Mindset and then the practice will evolve naturally, beautifully, and safely.


Understand Yoga

Yoga is not about extreme flexibility or controlling your muscles and spine into fancy shapes. It’s about breathing, finding inner strength through meditation, and creating freedom in the body which can be achieved with basic yoga poses. So one should not worry about losing weight or making extreme poses to impress someone. Instead, understand the process and how yoga illuminates life as a concept of happiness. The physical self is just a part, a very small art and not a complete process.


It is not about breathing correctly or incorrectly, but first, we need to be aware of breathing. We breathe and never realize that how we are breathing. It does not matter how you breathe in the beginning, being aware of the same is the beginning. Then comes the stage when one understands naturally how to utilize breathing to channelize the inner energies and chakras. Simply notice the breathing and feel the process. It induces better sleep, reduces stress, and makes one’s mind more aware of the present moment. Hence yoga does not mean difficult poses but to understand breathing and the relation it has with the body and soul. 

Start From Basics

The beginners must start the physical side of yoga once they feel that the breathing and their own self as a physical body as well as a soul full of energy and existence. There is no need to get excited and try poses that are complex. Try simple yoga poses, relax and enjoy. In each pose experience pressure on several muscles, synchronize breathing, and clear your mind as you go ahead. Begin with stillness, which in yoga is difficult to achieve at present times. One must try to get away from distraction. The time on the mat is exclusively for your mind and body.

Accept, believe, feel and experience. 

Richa Tulli Yoga Counsellor H2F Care

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