How to Balance Work and Relationship

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You studied hard during your school and college days. Finally, you have a job or a business and a family of your own. However, now you are gripped with a strange feeling that bothers you day in and day out. You don’t know why, but you are unhappy. Your notion has now started to affect your work, your relationships, and your life purpose. You are feeling guilty!

Why do we feel guilty about work and relationships or socializing?

We often feel guilty about our actions at work, at home, or with friends and acquaintances. It may happen that you feel you are doing something for good but after some time the same action makes you feel guilty about something you could have done differently. You although are working hard to do good for yourself and others but land up in a situation where it looks like you are a person who never cared. 

The wrong approach

When you are working, you may feel guilty for not spending time with your family. So you take a call and reduce work time. Now you start feeling guilty that you are not able to give your best at work. You may start losing grip of both as this suspended feeling will leave you feeling guilty. 

This is just one of the situations. Although you may have the freedom to choose the way you want to spend your time, this freedom appears to be a curse. 

 Understanding what is wrong

You need to break this pattern. You may have noticed that you stop enjoying something (work or spending time with family) when you have some unfinished task at the back of your mind. This feeling grows with the passage of time. The result is that you become unproductive. You are unable to do justice to both work and family both. The guilt feeling seeds in your conscious and starts to grow at an exponential rate. 

The problem in your approach is that you are equating one thing with another, although we can handle them independently. You put yourself in a win-or-lose situation unnecessarily. So even if you win at one place, the guilt of losing at the other affects your win and the happiness associated with it. 

The right approach

What you need to tell yourself is that work and relationships complement each other. Work enables you to provide support to your family. Whatever time you spend with your family, you can get the best because of the resources you create. You can buy gifts, spend vacations and much more. 

 Relationships when understood as mentioned above, enable you to be more productive. You will be happy at work which will result in improved output. Both factors combined together will make you feel more satisfied with life. Hence work and relationship are both adding to each other instead of taking from each other. 

If you understand this well, you will stop feeling guilty anymore. You will start to enjoy relationships and focus more on work. You will start getting more value for each minute you spend working or socializing. Suddenly you will have a more fulfilling life. 

Always remember

So if you ever feel guilty when you are working or socializing, just remember to balance and accept. The solution is within you. The solution is very simple. 

Get the most out of each moment both at work and in socializing.  

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