How Prolonged Sitting and Sleeping can increase the chances of early death!

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I spend most of the workdays sitting in a chair, my fingers are the only part of my body moving with any intensity. Sounds familiar?
This has become the story of almost every youngster these days. Technology lets us earn a living from the relative comfort of our desks, without taking a break for a cup of coffee or even stand up. Once the workday is done, we travel straight from desk to car to couch, taking barely a few steps in between.
The ease of our modern workday could come at the expense of our longevity. A new study finds that sitting for long stretches of time increases the odds of an untimely death. The more hours women/men in the study spend sitting at work, driving, lying on the couch watching TV, or engaged in other leisurely pursuits, sleeping more than 10 hours daily or even less than 6 hours as a routine, the greater their odds of dying early from all causes, including heart disease and cancer.
Prolonged sitting can be harmful to your health because of the lack of muscle contractions and subsequent body movement. Muscle contractions help to stimulate blood flow and expel toxins from the body through the lymphatic system, a complex filtering system in our bodies. Muscle contractions are important to help remove fat (triglycerides) and glucose from our bloodstream.
When you sit, you expend fewer calories than you would while standing, and you demand little effort from your muscles. Sitting too much can also lead to other behaviors that contribute to obesity and heart disease.
Studies have revealed sleeping for more than ten hours each night — or fewer than six — may increase the risk of early death.

With the growing popularity of social media, computer games, and general computer use, it is important to focus on ways to reduce sitting time while engaging in these activities.
While the medical community has traditionally focused on increasing daily amounts of exercise and participation in sports programs, what we should be more concerned with is the time when we are awake (up to 15 hrs per day) which we do not spend exercising.
We have to find ways to increase our time of standing or walking be it while working on a desk, in the house, in the kitchen, commuting to and from workplace, also to indulge in exercise and sports on regular basis can all help us to stay healthy happy and fit.

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