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Has your child been pestering you with owning a pet? Are you planning to adopt a pet? Let us assure you that it is a brilliant idea. Pet ownership not only provides companionship to you and all members of the family including children but has several other benefits.

Kids and Pets

Diminishes Loneliness

Having a pet for a friend is the best thing to happen to a single child. A pet is a friend who never ignores or excludes them from any activity. A reserved child or an introverted kid also makes good friends with a pet.

Helps Build Empathy and Compassion

Domestic animals are not able to fend for themselves. They have to be nurtured and taken care of from being fed to being taken out for a walk. A child while taking care of the pet learns to respect the feelings of others. They realize how it would feel to ignore someone or to not look after any other living being.

Improves Reading and Learning Skills

Kids are normally reluctant to read in front of an audience because they are still learning and are not proficient at it. They fear being laughed at do not like to be the clown of the gathering. However, these inhibitions are put at rest with the pets. Kids willingly read to their pets and learn a lot of new concepts in the process.

Teaches Responsibility

All parents will agree to the fact that it is not easy to teach kids to be responsible, starting from small things like switching off lights before leaving the room, brushing teeth before bed, carrying their lunch to school, and many more things. Owning a pet means being responsible for its food, water, taking it out for a walk, clearing its litter, and much more.

Reduces Susceptibility to Allergens

Research has shown people who own pets their kids develop fewer allergies as compared to kids who have no pets. It is believed that while licking the child the pet transfers the bacteria present in their mouth onto the kid which boosts their immune system and helps them fight several allergens.

It Teaches To Cope With The Loss

The average life span of animals is much shorter than that of humans. Owning a pet means you will have to deal with its loss too. Such a loss prepares the child to face all the cruel realities of life.

Makes the Kids Active

These days kids are so engrossed in mobile phones, tablets, and play stations that they have forgotten the outdoor activities and games. A pet however requires a walk at least twice a day. Make it the responsibility of the child in the family or if the child is too young to be let out alone then surely take them along with you so they develop the habit and later become responsible for it too. There are some hyperactive kids for whom parents are unable to channel their energies. Such kids also indulge with pets in activities and burn off their extra energy.

Eases Anxiety

Studies have shown that stroking a pet reduces the blood pressure of a person and in turn, reduces stress and anxiety. It is found to be effective in kids during exam times and when they are under pressure to complete assignments and projects.

So next time the topic of owning a pet rises do not hesitate and go ahead and own one!


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