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HEALTH  HAPPINESS  FITNESS is the E Magazine that H2F Care releases once every month.

WELCOME to July edition

It is a magazine that started to awaken both the conscious and unconscious minds. We make an endeavor every month to elucidate facts that go unnoticed or of which people are not aware.

If some loved one of yours in the immediate family or extended family is in the family way, July edition’s cover story on ‘Sutika Paricharya – postnatal care with Ayurveda and Yoga’! will be highly beneficial. All the information in the article is shared by the certified yoga counselor of H2FCcare.

We all are aware that regular exercise helps us to maintain our body weight and shape but what we need to be aware of is that ‘Exercise reduces the risk of getting cancer!  Read our article in this month’s edition and start aiming for a minimum of 30 minutes workout everyday, in any way

Water is the key ingredient to fitness. In today’s times when it is difficult to get clean and safe drinking water, elucidate yourselves about ‘Alkaline water and its health benefits‘.

Keto diet, Intermittent fasting and many such new things we are ready to try just to lose weight. Do these really help? And If not, then what does? We have busted the ‘Myths and Facts are revealed on weight loss this July.

A lot of athletes face the problem of anemia and fatigue. What is causing this anemia in the athletes is explained by our fitness coach ‘Athlete’s or Sports Anemia: The truth‘ in the July edition.

Our fitness expert is also an ultra-marathon runner and trainer. He guides and solves the runners’ problems. One such problem of ‘When to go for change of shoehas been administered in this month’s edition. If you have any queries do email us [email protected]

Under the guidance of our certified and qualified counselors, we have included an infotainment section that includes ‘Crossword’ and ‘Sudoku’. These games help to attain Intellectual Wellness. To play them online download our Interactive PDF version of the magazine here.

If you want to gain the satisfaction of turning pages and reading a magazine download our Flipbook here.

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