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flow state

There are times when you are doing some activity and you are totally involved in it. The involvement is so deep that you feel as if time has slowed down. Your focus is heightened and you are not distracted by other stimuli around you. This is a state when your senses are heightened. This state is defined as ‘Flow State’. This is a state of body and mind being in perfect synchronization.

When does it occur?

This state is mostly associated with the creative part of an individual or something which an individual enjoys. This can be a hobby, work, or some small task at hand. Besides the creative things like drawing, painting, writing, the state can also be experienced in sports, running, etc. Guided yoga and pranayama are the most desirable way to experience a flow state.

Why this state

When we give full attention to an activity or a task, our body starts functioning exactly as per instructions as received by the brain. The incredible passion for the task further focuses the mind such that it stops the outward search by other senses for other stimuli. Thus nothing distracts the mind. The state is more common during periods of challenge and engaging activity. During such a state our brain reaches its full capacity to process information. If the activity is something we enjoy, other inputs are cut off leading to a flow mental state.

Benefits of Flow State

  • Concentration – It improves focus and concentration on tasks leading to high output.
  • Regulates emotions – It helps develop skills which can regulate emotions.
  • Satisfaction – It gives a sense of satisfaction and happiness in day to day life.
  • High Motivation –  Since the state brings happiness, it increase internal motivation for other activities also.
  • Creativity –  People become more creative and develop better skills.
  • Performance –  Since the mind is able to focus well, the output and results are always positive.

How to get into a flow state

1.            Select an activity or task you like.

2.            Remember to choose a task not too easy and not too difficult

3.            Focus on execution and not on results.

4.            Avoid multitasking and remove distractions to start with.

Mindful Meditation to achieve a flow state

Meditation helps train the mind to be more in the present and at ease with its own self and the surroundings. Meditation thus teaches us to focus on the moment. Mindfulness is a quality that enables us to fully engage in whatever one is doing. Mindful meditation thus creates an environment to achieve a flow state. Meditation encourages the mind to be in the present moment, and mindfulness helps focus on the task at hand leading to a flow state.

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