Feedback looping – A path to sure success

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Have you ever felt that there were few things in your life which you wanted to achieve but failed. You worked hard towards the goal. You spent money and time but made no progress. Finally, after investing in your hard work, you dropped out. On the other hand, you found that a few succeeded. The question keeps coming to your mind that even though you were motivated and worked hard, you didn’t reach the goal, why? Well! The answer is feedback looping. Let us understand it better

Goals define us

There are various types of goals. Some are to progress in the profession. Others are to pursue an interest or a hobby. Many want to change their line of work to something they feel interested in and motivated. For example, maybe coding, learning a language, cooking, or anything else. We set goals because that defines us and our purpose. The journey to goal and reaching the final destination gives us peace and happiness. Thus when we recognize the goal, we are motivated to put everything into it. However, somewhere in between start and end, we lose direction and motivation. Hence we are unable to reach our goals. 

The Feedback Looping

You started a new journey after deep introspection. But after a few months of doing that, you noticed that you haven’t made any significant progress. You are still pretty much at the same point where you started. Although you worked hard and practiced the best procedures, still the progress was missing. So what was missing?

Do not stop or get tired or give up as the reason for no progress is simple and right in front of you. It is called ‘Feedback Looping’. It is a process where a person learning something would analyze their performance. Then, they would use that information to optimize their learning methods. They set closer and smaller goals defining their path to the final destination. They start simple and then reach complex processes in small steps. Modify their journey as demanded by the feedback loop. This feedback loop allows them to move ahead well clearly defining progress. 

 Types of Feedback Loop

We have two types of feedback loops that help us analyze our work and make progress accordingly. Internal loop and External loop

An internal loop is nothing but your analysis of the process. Here you check your plan, smaller checkpoints set by you, your current status, and if all that is leading to the final goal or not. It helps you to establish a clear position where you are standing and also allows you to do course correction. 

External loop involves external environment which can be another person, a group of people, or a computer-oriented survey. Here the environment gives us vital points required to analyze our progress. 

Create own feedback looping system

Once you understand the importance of feedback looping, it is not very difficult to set it up. All you need to do is clearly define your final goal and the current position. Then you need to establish your internal and external looping process. Put the process in action on the predefined interval. The predefined interval can be based on a fixed period for example weekly or progress towards the goal. Once you have the result, you can analyze the progress. In a case where you have made no progress or less than you need to move forward, you need to make a course correction. Hence, all you need is to make few changes in your approach and then try again for the next looping cycle to reanalyze. The looping can be done many times and it will take you to a process where you will find the most suitable way to move forward

The take-home message

So next time you feel stuck and that learning a new skill seems impossible, try feedback looping. The system is extremely successful for long-term as well as short-term goals. It keeps you motivated and involved. Quitting your dream will not come to your mind and the journey will be equally interesting as enjoying the destination. 

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