Fasting Cardio – Is It Good?

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There is a buzz around that in case you want to lose weight fasting cardio is the best way. But there are many things that are attached to our pre-workout diet. Even while having the sole of running as weight loss, still your overall aim should be to be healthy. So is fasting cardio good?

What Is Fasting Cardio?

It simply means that you are doing a cardio workout without eating anything for at least 5 to 6 hours. Generally, people to this early morning when they do their morning run empty stomach. However, those who do their training in the evening do tend to skip lunch in order to do fasting cardio. Although true fasting would be about 12 hours of not eating anything, so for most people a truly fasting cardio would be an early dinner and early morning cardio.

Why Fasting Cardio?

Once you have not eaten anything for hours together, your glycogen stores will be depleted. Hence when you start your workout, your body immediately starts looking for an alternate source of fuel. Hence the amount of fat loss is likely to be more.

Research is varied clear in fuel utilization. Once we start running faster, we tap into our fat stores as a fuel source sooner. This is because we are running more on oxidized fat than glycogen or carbohydrates. Now when we are fasting for hours and start to run fast, we will obviously burn more fat and hence weight loss.

Is Fasting Cardio Good?

People tend to choose fasting cardio as a concept to lose weight or enhance performance. Frankly, they do notice weight loss as a successful result of fasting cardio. But in actuality, during fasting cardio, all the weight loss is not just because of fat loss. You will be surprised to know that body does turn to protein too to meet fuel requirements. Hence there is a considerable loss of muscle or lean body mass too. Remember that burning higher body fat is not that important however maintaining good overall body composition is.

Fasting cardio also depletes your endurance capacity. Hence you are able to run shorter distances than those who fuel and run. Fasting thus has a negative impact on the intensity and volume of training both can hinder performance. Every time you want to pull off some high-intensity workout like HIIT, speed cardio, etc. you will need carbs no matter what! Not fuelling, short-charges your energy and ability to do hard work out.

Should You Do Fasting Cardio?

During fasting, it is advised to do easy runs. Do not plan hard, long, or fast training sessions with no fuel. Running without fuel can also squeeze some vital minerals giving you early cramps and fatigue. Having fuelled well will thus help you both mentally and physically.

A Word From H2fcare

We have to be sure of many facts before we try fasting cardio. As we age, there are many complications that can happen while doing fasting cardio. It can lead to low blood sugar which is very dangerous. We at times are mentally stronger and do not admit to physical weaknesses. Hence we push ourselves hard. During fasting cardio, this pushing can be fatal. It can lead to serious cardiovascular problems or even heart attacks.

Article by: Capt Jitender Harjai Fitness Expert H2F Care

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