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Let us try and listen what Mother Earth has to say on this day!!
Mother is trying to take every child within the warm folds of love and bliss. However we, the children have not really been listening to that. Nature is suffering and our mother Earth is in true pain. Australian fire, heat records everywhere, Locust invasions and now Covid pandemic. Our eco-system is now under deep stress and is being challenged at every step.
We all have heard somewhere or the other about climate change and man-made destruction of earth and its biodiversity. We are exploiting the resources and have brought survival to a brim. We should remember that if we anger our nature, it will not take long to reset.
Earth and eco-system are closely knitted for maintaining the balance. Relationship between humans, animals, plants and environment has to be recognised. Humans are the only factor which contribute towards increase in greenhouse gases, pollute the environment and is danger to other species both plants and animals.
On International Mother Earth Day, let us remind ourselves that we need to act now before it is too late. We need to promote harmony and balance with nature and the Earth. Small steps taken by everyone can really change the future of mankind and the planet.
Corona Virus poses a huge public health issue and has also crushed global economy. However the solution is within our sight. All we need to do is promote biodiversity and respect nature. Nature has the capability to reset itself and prevent us from pathogens.
Mother Earth Day this year is coinciding with the Super Year of Biodiversity. Biodiversity is actual meter of Earth’s health. However there is a growing concern that health of planet is in jeopardy because of biodiversity losses and changes which are occurring. Complete ecosystem is misbalanced if linkage between health and biodiversity is impacted. It gives rise to new diseases, poor nutrition and supresses traditional and natural medicines.
Despite the fact that biodiversity is deteriorating at a very fast rate, there has been no step towards preservation, it is estimated that more than one million plants and animals are now standing on the verge of extinction.
An immediate relief can be towards our fight with Corona Virus. However it is important to identify the actual cause, thus tackle habitat and biodiversity losses.
Let us join hands with nature and help our Mother Earth to fight back. Ten simple things we all can do the help protect the planet are:-
• Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. The three ‘R’s are very important to be adopted to preserve resources.
• Community clean-up is a must. This way we bring in more people to help understand the issue and help resolve it.
• Educate people especially younger generation.
• Water conversation has to become our habit. Irrespective of how abundant water is available, conservation has to become our second nature.
• Choose food on your plate intelligently. It can be plant based, animal based or sea food. But one has to understand that the plate should not be at the cost of instability.
• Recognize the items which cause disruption in the cycle of our ecosystem. Avoid plastics, polythene etc.
• Save energy. Use lights, air conditioning and other gadgets intelligently. Remember these are the devices which contribute maximum towards greenhouse gases.
• We must learn to plant and nurture a tree. See to it that after we plant it, it survives and flourishes.
• Avoid usage of chemicals as much as possible. Ensure that chemicals are not dissipated in ground water or rivers.
• Use cycle and try walk more. Avoid use of fuel based mobility.

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