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National Doctor’s day is celebrated in India on 01 July every year. The date is different for other countries for example in the USA it is celebrated on 30 March. This day brings our attention to the importance of doctors in our society and the role they play to safeguard us all. During Covid-19, doctors proved that they are our first line of defense. Because of our doctor’s unparalleled dedication and selfless service, we have been able to save so many lives.

History of Doctor’s day 

Since doctor’s day is celebrated on different days across the world. Each country has its history behind the chosen day they celebrate as doctor’s day. In India, we started celebrating it on 01 July 1991. This day was chosen to honor and pay tribute to the legendary doctor Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. He was born on 01 July 1882 in Patna, Bihar. He died on 01 July 1962 at an age of 80 years. He also became Chief Minister of West Bengal and was awarded Bharat Ratna Award in Feb 1961.

Objectives of National Doctor’s Day

The doctor plays a vital role in everyone’s life. During the current pandemic, it has been proved that society cannot survive without their help. It thus has further strengthened the objective that doctors are the pride of the nation. Honoring a doctor should be everyone’s duty. On Doctor’s day, the government organizes several awareness campaigns. It helps to spread the role, importance, and precious care which doctors offer. 

Doctor’s day is a day of encouraging all the doctors. There are times when doctors sacrifice their personal life, carrier, and relationship due to commitment to their profession. Many a time they feel low and hence it is important to pat their back for the contribution they are making in securing the health of society.

How is it celebrated in India?

  1. Various health care camps are organized.
  2. Free blood tests, eye checks, etc. are provided.
  3. Free counseling is provided.
  4. At various medical colleges, activities such as discussions, special lectures, sports, and entertainment are planned to encourage medical students.
  5. An interaction session between patients and doctors is also organized where patients thank doctors on this day.

What we can do for our doctors

We must connect to our family doctor and thank him/ her for the help. We always go to a doctor when we are sick. During our healthy period, we don’t even remember them. So Doctor’s Day gives us an opportunity to thank them for being there.

There are various doctors in hospitals who work day in and day out. They sacrifice their own lives to save patients. Any amount of ‘Thankyou’ is probably less for the service they are providing to society. We all need to understand and accept this. Also, spread the message around so that more and more people respect the sacrifices a doctor makes. 

Let us do it on this Doctor’s day

Pandemic time has proved that we must appreciate the work doctors have done. They have risked their own lives to save society. Hence on this doctor’s day let each one of us make a resolution that we will thank all doctors we know by any means which can be a call, WhatsApp message, Facebook, or any other social media platform. This way we will be able to encourage our doctors and also spread the word around. Just spread the message – 

“Happy Doctor’s Day”

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