Do we need family and friends to survive?

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Our basic physiological needs are air, water and food. Safety needs are more related to feeling safe both physically and mentally. This may involve safe place to live. After that what is most important is our need to feel part of a group or a larger social group. Our brain functions well if it is socially connected to friends and family. We need people to turn to for advice and encouragement. At the same time when people come to us for the same, we feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction as being contributor and responsible.

When we talk about a group or network, we generally talk about more than a person. If we have a single person, we may over rely resulting in exhausting that person. It may also be a case in which someone is unavailable when the crises calls you. Hence it is imperative that we have a strong relationship in a circle which has more people.

Besides the benefit as mentioned above, it is believed that human behavior is not same towards every one. Hence interaction with different people can bring out different personality traits in us. A wonderful example is that an extrovert friend may bring out a party animal in you whereas an introvert friend may be helpful when you need a listener. Besides this, different people can help us to see the same problem in different ways. This gives us better understanding of the situation and thus our actions will be more reasonable both for us and the society.

How to build the network of life.

It is important that one stays in touch with friends and family. A small phone call and asking about the day from a friend or family can be a big step in generating enough of emotional reflex in a person to ignite sense of belongingness. Catching up over a coffee can show sincere concern and the value you give to a relationship thus building it stronger and effective.

‘I Love You’ may have been used many times to convey your love and appreciation towards friends, family or spouse. But it is believed that using appreciation and siple words like ‘How are you?’ Or ‘I am glad that you are in my life’ shows the care and value you give it to the person concerned. Hence the relation becomes further strong.

Positive returns are immediately felt when time and effort is given to maintain and strengthen relationship. Positivity builds in every emotion within us when we have sense of belongingness. Physiologically also it has been proved that certain hormones are released within our body when we are appreciated or feel contributing in a network or society. These hormones have positive impact on our physical and emotional state leading to a happy and satisfied life.

If one feels little shy or is deep introvert, it is important to find ways to build network. That may be possible if we pick up a hobby and try like-minded people. Sharing experience with people can help start a new and fulfilling friendship.

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