Determination Is Not Enough To Reach Goals

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We may think that we have the willpower to do the task at hand. We are sure to be determined to work hard and make it a success. Even if we fail we keep trying it again and again, as we remember the saying, ‘Try, try and try again till you succeed’. But no matter how hard we try, we keep failing again and again. We never reach our ultimate goal, just simply failing always, never succeeding. And finally, after many attempts, our determination questions our ability as we run out of energy and patience.

Repeated Tries Without Introspection

We always gave our best and did that on every single attempt. However as our own ability is questioned, we feel that it is enough. Little by little those huge amounts of willpower we once had, start to get lower and lower.  Slowly a thought starts creeping in questioning our own ability and we begin to feel if something is wrong with us. We may also feel as if we are not destined for success. Strength and skill start fading and eventually, we give up. We stop trying any further. We erase goals and dreams. But actually, the real reason is, ‘Determination and intentions are not enough!’.

How to Reach Goals?

If we want to reach where we want to be in life, we need something more than determination and intentions. Yes, these two ingredients are also required. But to carry them forward in the path to success, we need a ‘Goal-setting Strategy’. This will give us the power to steer our life in the direction we want. All sounds so simple but the next question is, ‘How to plan such a strategy?’

Five Whys for a Successful Strategy

Being clear about true intentions is an important part of setting effective goals. When we listen to our true self, if those intentions are getting blurred, it will make our whole path harder. So start with this first question,’ What exactly is the goal?’ Once we have this, we can now start answering the five why’s.

First Why –  Why do we think we have this goal in mind. Will it bring peace and happiness in life? Will it bring financial stability? Is it a hobby I enjoy or learn?

Second Why – Why did we choose this goal only? There was a possibility of having alternatives too which we could have chosen. So, why this one? For example, if we want to learn a hobby such as painting, music, dancing, etc. then what made us choose one of them over the other?

Third Why – Why will this goal be a safe bet to improve my current life? How to focus on the way this goal directly affects our life becomes important here.

Fourth Why – Why this goal makes us feel complete or helps fill a void. This clears our minds and connects our goals directly to our day-to-day life.

Fifth Why – Why this goal makes us feel better. If we are struggling to achieve something and we do it to feel better. Also, the goal can have a direct influence on our friends and families which can enhance our feeling of pride in our own self.

What Next

Once we have answers of all ‘whys’, we need to turn all the ‘whys’ into step-by-step goals. Based on the answers we need to create a detailed strategy. Once the strategy is ready, it will help us stay on track and not deviate from the purpose. While incorporating the strategy, we put in place our abilities, requirements, essentials, sources, knowledge, and much more. Eventually, the dream will come true.

Take Home

On the road to being successful, there will be moments when we will be fatigued. Moments we will fail. But it is in our power to choose how that experience will affect us. If we have answered the queries from our inner self, we will never surrender and will keep moving forward. 

Article by: Capt Jitender Harjai Counsellor H2FCare

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