Detaching Emotions From Feedback

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We all want to do well with the task at hand. You often give your best and work hard to be applauded for your work. However, nobody likes to get negative feedback from others after putting huge effort and being convinced that the task done is in the best form. The moment someone tries to do that you become defensive and uncomfortable. You literally shut yourself down and start believing that people who are critics of the work actually are those who do not like you. You believe that it is not about the task but criticizing people around our enemies. But you miss out on one important aspect, ‘Critics are those who want to see you succeed’.

Losing Benefits of Feedback

Surely there will be people around you who may be your competitors or those who do not like you for some reason. Frankly, before those people give you feedback, you already know that there might be a vested interest of such critics. However, you will have many around you who have nothing against you but still give you negative feedback. People may have the credibility or skill to do so. Such people might be wanting to share knowledge and experience they have on the task to genuinely see you succeed. Their feedback might help you achieve your goal faster. But unfortunately, even though you might know that they are right, switching off looks easy and you refuse to listen. Hence you lose out on important inputs.

Prejudice Defending

There are times when you put everything coming towards you as feedback in the same basket of negativity. Hence you start to defend your argument and the way you did the things. It is normal human behavior that we do things because we feel they are right. Now accepting that it was wrong goes against our own self. So we keep defending our approach and keep doing wrong things.

Importance of Feedback

Feedback is vital not only for success but for doing a task in the best of ways. When you stop taking the feedback you stop learning. You stop growing. You stop moving forward in life. Hence you will end up making the same mistake again and again. Soon you will have the feeling of hitting the same wall. It is very clear that doing things the same way and expecting a different result is just not possible. Finally, once you are not able to get results best liked by complete environment despite many attempts, you give up. And all this just because you do not want to hear what those by your side had to say. To accept that your way of doing things was not good is OK. Fortunately, there are ways to stop this from happening to you.  

Detaching Emotions from Feedback

Removing your emotions from the equation. Most people get offended when they get feedback. Like the person talking had some sort of personal vendetta against them. And when you let your emotions get the best of you, you stop seeing things objectively. You stop listening. And because of that, you never learn the lesson and apply what’s being told to you.

On the other hand, you think you’re still right. Even if you don’t completely agree with the giver, you apply it in your daily life. You seem more approachable. You will stop judging the person in front of you. Instead, you will point your finger at yourself, and aim at how your actions can improve. That’s why you need to get past the initial negative reaction. To hear what others have to say about you objectively, with an open mind and the willingness to change.

Once you start doing this, things will change radically for you. Those areas you have been struggling with for years won’t be an issue. You will start learning from your mistakes. You will listen to the advice others gave you. And you will never stop learning new things, growing in every area of your life.

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