Deepen Friendship Bond

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Happy Friendship Day!

“Because of you I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more!”

Friends are the family we choose, they are the wine to our lives, the yin to the yang!

Does your friendship mean all this to you, or maybe a lot more?

The busy schedule of our lives drives us away from our friends. It is always great to be reminded that we are VIPs in someone’s life and we need to do the same with our friends. Today on Friendship Day we must get in touch with our friends and strengthen those lost bonds.

A few simple less time-consuming ways to cultivate your friendship deeper are:

  1. Think of a memory with your bestie that makes you laugh, text, or email it to your friend: Get nostalgic and take a walk down the memory lane all the good times you have had with your friend. You will recall one such time which was very close to both of you. Share that memory with your friend and relive the old golden days.
  2. Reveal something about yourself that you need to discuss with someone, but feel vulnerable about: Speaking to someone close who does not judge you always helps.
  3. Plan a coffee or lunch date together: Time to get together. Meeting an old friend can be exciting and should be planned at one of your old dear spots which you used to frequent together.
  4. Sending a box of your friend’s favorites things by mail: Such a gesture shows your friend that even though you are far they are still in your thoughts and you remember their likes and dislikes.
  5. Writing a thank you note to your friend for all the times that they were there for you: tells them how much you appreciate their presence and that they are always welcome in your life.
  6. Share a personal goal you want to achieve and include them to help you with it: It might become a combined goal for both of you and bond you deeper.
  7. Video calling: to just follow up on the last conversation shows that you do not only call on them when in need
  8. Communicate with them while commuting: to overcome the time bounding factors
  9. Plan a road trip: if you can take out the time together there is nothing as thrilling, exciting, and binding as a trip with your friends
  10. Be a part of all the celebrations and difficult times: if even for a short duration the memories of these occasions keeps you in their hearts forever.

Winding Up with

“Good Friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but know they are always there!”

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