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december edition

It is a magazine that was started to awaken both the conscious and unconscious minds. We endeavor every month to elucidate facts that go unnoticed or of which people are not aware.

Who and What is Santa? Does Santa really exist? It is a question that can make or ruin you for the rest of your life. Read our article ‘WHAT IS SANTA?‘ in our December edition to clarify your doubts!

For the past couple of months, we have been e-publishing articles of ‘JitYog’ to elucidate the forgotten knowledge written in our scriptures. This month we have introduced ‘Chakras’. To understand all about these energy centers read our article ‘Chakras-Introduction To Singularity’

We have been deliberating on the importance of exercise before, during, and after several ailments. This month we have tried to bring forth the relationship between ‘Exercise And Obesity’! Read our article in this month’s edition and start aiming for a minimum of 30 minutes workouts daily!

In the hectic life of today, we all are looking for happiness outside. The Fact is that Happiness lies within us! In this edition, we have busted some ‘Myths and Facts’ about being Happy.

Our Fitness expert is also an ultra-marathon runner and trainer. He guides and solves the runner’s problems. We have administered one such problem of ‘Road Running, in this month’s edition. If you have any queries do email us at [email protected]

Under the guidance of our certified and qualified counselors, we have included an infotainment section that includes ‘Crossword’ and ‘Sudoku’. These games help to attain Intellectual Wellness. To play them online download our Interactive PDF version of the magazine here.

If you want to gain the satisfaction of turning pages and reading a magazine download our Flipbook here.

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