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We all groove to the beats we love. Be it a wedding, a house party or a club we all dance and enjoy ourselves. Age is no barrier. A child learns to walk and talk later but knows how to move arms and butts to music before everything. Similarly, an old person might not be able to walk but would still love to sit and move arms along with the music and groove.

Purpose of Dance

We all know that dance is a medium for expressing our emotions. It is not just a way to burn calories or take a break from work and everyday stresses. It has great mental health benefits as well.  Memorizing the steps of a choreographed dance has notable positive effects on the wiring and grey matter of the aging brain.

Dance can be defined as a psychotherapeutic use of movement, to promote, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive integration of an individual for the purpose of improving health and well-being. Broadly there are four purposes of dance:

  1. Ceremonial: Those done during harvest sowing or cutting, worshipping deities etc
  2. Recreational: Social dancing, in weddings etc
  3. Exercise: Zumba, Aerobics etc
  4. Artistic Expression: Indian Classical dances, Ballet etc

Benefits Of Dance

Indian Classical dance forms need rigorous wrist movements, facial expressions, and footwork. They train in head, neck, and limb coordination and give good exercise to the brain. The prolonged practice enhances memory and sharpens the mind.

Ballet trains move different parts of the body in opposite directions. This helps in building coordination, along with stretching and controlling the muscles, resulting in long, strong muscles that move with coordination and intention. The benefits are immense that even football players practice ballet during their training.

The benefits are numerous, however, we are listing a few mental as well as physical benefits:

Physical Benefit

  1. Improves Muscle Toning

2. Increases Muscular Strength

3. Improves Lung Functioning

4. Raises Heart Rate

5. Enhances Blood Circulation

6. Boosts Aerobic Fitness

7. Rectifies Posture

8. Strengthens Bones

9. Reduces Cardiovascular disease risk

10. Reduces Osteoporosis risk

11. Improves Flexibility

12. Helps in Weight Management

13. Improves Coordination

14. Increases Endurance

15. Enhances Agility

Mental Benefits

  1. Improves Social Skills
  2. Increases Endorphin levels
  3. Makes the Mind Sharp
  4. Helps to Bond with Others
  5. Enhances Memory
  6. May Prevent Dementia
  7. Uplifts Mood
  8. Reduces Loneliness
  9. Reduces Anxiety
  10. Eases Depression
  11. Raises Pain threshold
  12. Reduces Pain Perception

Dance To Glory

Music knows no barriers. Dance is for all age groups. Kids should put on the ankle bells or the ballet shoes and start today. For the older generation, age is just a number, so, do not worry about what people will think if you put on your dance shoes now. Probably they will get motivated by seeing you on the dance floor. So, dance away your worries and be physically and mentally fit.

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