COVID 19 And The Organs It Affects

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Post mortem on Covid-19 infected bodies reveal damage to major organs

New findings have come forward while performing Post-mortem of Covid-19 patients. The statistics from several procedures done on many bodies of patients who died due to Covid-19 revealed huge lung infection and early scarring of the lungs. There was injury to the kidneys as well.
The research is a big step that can guide us on how to treat complications as a result of the Corona Virus. The danger of blood clots can be overcome using blood thinners. Once the understanding of the damages that the virus is causing, more clinical methods will be developed to monitor and treat sick patients.
During these researches, it has come to light that lung injuries, immune cell reduction and thrombosis are the most glaring features of severe cases of coronavirus. Kidney damage, pancreatitis and GI tract lining damage are few more findings. Thus if one is aware of the likely damages the virus can cause, clinically the treatment can be started to save lives.
The most surprising finding of the research was that 90% of patients had a blood clot in at least one major organ. Blood clot (thrombosis) prevents blood from flowing normally within our body through the circulatory system. Lungs, Heart, Kidney are the most affected organs and the presence of blood clots has confirmed the fact. Hence blood thinners can be another line of treatment to save lives. However, it is important that we follow the instructions of the doctors and take them only once our body shows certain symptoms or our doctors feel that the time has come to take that step as well.
The research work is still on. With every passing day, we are having a better understanding of this virus. Soon we will be able to drive various ways to save lives and not allow people to reach the severe infection stage.

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