Coronavirus– Science Behind The Treatment

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We at H2FCare believe that if you are able to understand a subject well, you can apply it well. So today we decided to explain what developments are happening in the world in order to treat Corona and why.
Basically three approaches are broadly worked upon:-
First treatment is based on the antiviral drugs which are already available in open market and can affect the ability of Coronavirus to thrive and replicate inside human body. The study being done by WHO and many other medical organisations have allowed certain drugs initially and later changes the status after monitoring the outcomes. One of the major example in this category can be Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine. The drug came into limelight when President Donald Trump declared without any confirm findings that the medicines can inhibit Coronavirus. The drug is completely ineffective and WHO has stopped the trials of this drug. However there are several other drugs which are still under trials and one should only trust authentic source or doctor fraternity before using any of them. Remdesirvir too which is a treatment for Ebola virus had shown promising early results. However the stage at which it should be taken and effect on death rate, seriousness of illness etc has made the drug less useful.
Second treatment is more applicable on patients who got coronavirus and are showing moderate symptoms but still are out of being serious. To know this, we need to understand that severe Covid-19 is caused by our own immune system overreacting and damaging cells leading to severe condition. Certain steroid treatment such as dexamethasone, hydrocortisone or other steroid drug used for asthma has shown to cut the risk of death many folds. These drugs calms our immune system hence reducing inflammation which becomes damaging in severe cases. However the drug has no effect on people having mild symptoms.
Third treatment is based out of blood plasma either from a Coronavirus survivor or prepared in lap. It is believed that transfusing seriously-ill patients with plasma could give a helping hand to our immune system to fight the virus better. WHO may not be sounding too positive for this therapy as in trials it has not shown any improvement in death rate of serious patients. But scientifically this treatment should work. It probably is failing in very serious cases because the damage has already been done beyond acceptance and it is late for antibodies from plasma transfused to help. Hence to be effective, most critical is the timing. Many countries are still continuing with the treatment and has made plasma banks to collect and use as per doctor’s requirement.
It is imperative that we understand coronavirus and know what state we or our loved one’s are. Quickly recognising the level of infection will lead to better treatment. This way we can increase survival rate as well as avoid hospitalization.

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