Chronic Inflammation Can Be A Silent Killer

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chronic inflammation

There have been many studies and researches that have proven that low-grade inflammation can turn out to be a silent killer. This medical condition can contribute to cardiovascular diseases, cancer, type-2 diabetes, and several other serious issues. But we can take certain simple steps to avoid them. As we age it becomes more important that we observe our habits and reactions of our bodies. There can be some signals we might be missing which body is trying to give to tell us that it is having chronic internal inflammation. 

Eat Wisely 

Many anti-inflammatory diets are not well-grounded in science. It is important to stay natural and hydrated. Do not take drastic steps or diet plans which turn on the body’s defense mechanism against starvation. A low-calorie diet that does not provide the lowest calorie requirement that a body needs to enable all systems to function efficiently is too dangerous. If you want to reduce weight or get into shape plan well and ensure you intake all micronutrients. 

Manage Weight But Intelligently 

It is important to take steps to reduce visceral fat. We can do that with certain lifestyle changes and by introducing activity-based calorie loss.

Sleep To Stay Fit 

Inadequate sleep not only robs energy and productivity but also elevates inflammation. 

Stop Smoking

Smoking is a huge factor when it comes to chronic inflammation, especially in the respiratory tract. In a long run, it affects other organ systems.

Alcohol Intake

Alcohol can be a friend or foe. Are you surprised? Alcohol if taken in moderate quantity and not on a regular basis can have anti-inflammatory benefits. This is because alcohol has certain biomarkers such as c-reactive protein, TNF – alpha receptors, etc., which have anti-inflammatory effects. Regular intake and in larger quantities can though have an opposite effect in the long run. 

Extreme Physical Activity With No Recovery 

Intense physical activity kicks in the body’s immune suppression mechanism. If you do not give enough time to recover between activities, the benefits can not only fade away but can become detrimental if clubbed with other lifestyle patterns such as smoking or drinking. 

A Word From H2FCare

As you age, look for signs that your body is trying to point out towards chronic inflammation. It is easy to not only control it but reverse it too. 

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