Chitta Shakti Yoga

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chitta shakti yoga

Chitta is the presence of cosmic knowledge within us. It connects us with the primordial cosmic energy that gives rise to other brain functions which are buddhi, manas, and ahamkara. Since a yogi knows that this is the only energy inside us that defines singularity, it becomes essential to realize within. To do so we need to control memory, thinking, intelligence, decision making, desires, reacting, planning, and other mental functions. The brain is the most difficult organ to train. Thus to experience cosmic energy we have to use a force or Shakti. This gives rise to Chitta Shakti. To combine forces with a cosmic presence inside us, we use techniques given in yoga which is called Chitta Shakti Yoga.

The Superior Self

Three forces are functional every day within us. The Chitta Shakti which we have already introduced. Prana Shakti controls the physical body and Atma Shakti which controls the subtle body or soul.

Chitta Shakti and Prana Shakti need to be in balance to realize Atma Shakti which is our superior self. Due to the imbalance created by the stimuli from Prakriti, we start living in the world of Maya. Thus doors to Atma Shakti are closed. This imbalance leads to physical, mental, and emotional illness.

The aim of all who have the presence of Chitta is to realize the cosmic energy and accept singularity as the only true reality. Various yogic practices such as Patanjali or Hatha yoga shows us ways to balance energies and open door to true self. These methods involve asanas, pranayama, channelize chakras to enable focus.

Chitta Shakti Meditation

Meditation is simply training one’s brain so that outcome is controlled. The control if achieved helps balance the shakti’s leading to a path that is the only true path. Various institutions and gurus try to show ‘Chitta Shakti Meditation’ as some different state or technique. However, if one practices any form of meditation, it will lead to energizing channels inside and balancing chakras. It is important to understand the science behind the acts of Yoga. By giving away negativity and habits which feed Maya, one takes the first step towards realization. The only purpose to practice asana and pranayama is to prepare the body for Dhyan or Samadhi.

Atma Shakti

We all know how and why we are different from any non-living thing around us. But we also feel that we are different from others and have nothing in common with other living beings. This gives rise to negativity, enmity, conflict, restlessness, jealousy, and much more.

This is what Maya does to an uncontrolled brain. By balancing the shakti within us, we finally open the gate to the true inward journey which is nothing but realizing the presence of cosmic energy within us. This cosmic energy is universal and hence exists in everything. Atma Shakti leads to singularity.

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