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Researchers have defined character attributes as positive, trait-like capacities of thinking, feeling, and behaving in ways that are beneficial for us and for others. Seven assets and 27 character attributes are considered good by the majority of cultures globally and practicing these attributes leads to increased happiness.

By taking the H2F Care survey you will discover your unique character attribute profile. Knowing these you can apply your highest attribute in bringing your best self forward both in your professional and personal life. Further building up on your top five character attributes than your weaknesses helps to:

  1. Enhances Confidence
  2. Diminish Stress
  3. Surge Happiness
  4. Reinforce Relationships
  5. Realize Goals
  6. Improve Work and Performance
  7. Manage Problems

H2F Care also helps corporates and individuals identify the traits and capabilities before employing or working for someone. Trait surveys, personal interactions, capability counters and improvement trackers are among few services which we provide to individuals as well as our corporate clients. Our track correction methods have proved extremely successful and companies have benefitted exponentially in terms of output from work force.


  1.  Fearlessness
  2. Trustworthy
  3. Persistence
  4. Enthusiasm  


  1. Admiration of beauty
  2. Thankfulness
  3. Optimism
  4. Wit
  5. Spiritual


  1. Objectivity
  2. Eagerness
  3. Comprehensive
  4. Inquisitive
  5. Imaginative


  1.  Harmony
  2.  Manage or lead
  3.  Equality


  1. Compassion
  2. Modest
  3. Diligence
  4. Discipline


  1. Empathy
  2. Love
  3. Sociability


  1.   Protective
  2.   Passionate
  3.   Possessive

The Seven assets and 27 Character attributes are listed below:

ENDURANCE enables you to be a fearless and honest thus making you enthusiastic and persistent about your tasks.


Fearlessness is a way in which how one deals with difficulties, challenges and threats. It not only involves how you assess a goal or conviction but also how you materialize it, even if it is not a favored option. It revolves around facing your fears rather than running away from them.

There are three types of fearlessness/bravery (an individual may possess one of these or a combination):

  • Physical bravery is shown by people like firefighters, police officers, soldiers.
  • Psychological bravery is depicted by facing painful aspects of oneself.
  • Moral bravery is represented by speaking up for what’s right, even if it’s an unfavorable opinion to a group

People with the attribute of fearlessness are able to endure the vulnerability which enables them to grow close to others, thus help in the formation and maintenance of close relations.


Being trustworthy is the way in which one presents oneself genuinely without any pretenses. An honest person always speaks the truth. He/ she does not live a dual life that is one in the family and one in the community. He is a person of integrity and is same for all. He also takes full responsibility of his actions and feelings.

People with the attribute of trustworthy are honest and help to nurture positive relationships. They are capable of achieving great accuracy of goals and their honesty and trustworthiness is reflected in their tasks.


Persistence is the way in which one achieves his goals in spite of the difficulties and challenges. A persistent person will always dig deeper to complete a task at hand. Completion of the work gives the person immense pleasure which boosts their confidence and supports future growth. Two factors govern this strength, task at hand is the primary factor and the other factor is the duration of the task. These people are known to complete the work in the stipulated time frame.

People with the attribute of persistence are reliable and trustworthy. They help to build strong relations. They are known for their commitment. This strength helps to improve skills, talents and resources.


Enthusiasm is a way of living your life to the fullest. Such a person is satisfied with his life. It shows his physical and holistic wellbeing. People who are enthusiastic are excited at the onset of each day. They are keen about all happenings in life. They never take an activity half- heartedly. Their lives are full of adventurous activities

People with this attribute are generally happy people. They find their work deeply satisfying and meaningful.

PERFECTION  is achieved by being, thankful and optimistic along with displaying wit and charm. You appreciate beauty and are mystified by it.


It is a way in which one appreciates beauty in all spheres of life be it nature, work, or in a person as a whole. You are at ease at giving compliments for appreciating good and beautiful work and things around you.

People with this attribute help others to work with more enthusiasm and joy by just appreciating their hard work and the beauty in their work.


Thankfulness is a way in which you express your gratitude to others. It might be in means of small gifts or simple words and actions. You tend to show your gratitude for every small act of nature or of man.

People with this attribute are more loving, empathetic, modest and diligent in nature. They are happier individuals and like to have a happy environment around themselves.


Optimism is the attribute associated with having hope about the future plans. A person who is optimistic about a thought or an activity works towards its completion and success. It is a feeling which keeps you in high spirits and helps to boost your confidence.

People with this attribute are healthy and happy human beings. They are satisfied and successful in life.


Wit is a way which makes you playful and joyous. You try to joke about all situations and make the atmosphere comical and light hearted. You help to build up an environment for team work, destress situations and create an environment needed to solve certain problems.

People with this attribute are socially liked. They help in creating a good social connection and reducing social anxiety.


Spiritual is an attribute which makes you a person who believes that there is a meaning and purpose for your life and actions. You believe that there is a calling for every step and experience and, ‘all that happens, happens because it was destined to be!

People with this attribute are humble and objective. They tend to respect all living and non-living things and believe in the reason of their existence. They are happy, satisfied and trust worthy people.


Gives your imagination and inquisitiveness thus enabling you to gather and use information comprehensively and objectively.


Objectivity is a way of describing one’s way of thinking or his outlook, their ability to see the things in a broader sense. Objectivity helps you to listen to others, understand their stance, draw lessons from life and show a proper conduct as the situation demands. It allows the person to weigh all aspects and consider the system as a whole or to think in bigger terms before taking a decision. It enables them to learn from their mistakes and from the strengths of others

People with the attribute of objectivity are looked up by others for counselling and to help them widen their horizons.


Eagerness is the motivation to learn new things and to enhance your currently existing knowledge. A person with such pursuit for knowledge will try to incorporate the newly learned facts into other fields as well. It helps them to conquer over setbacks, negative feedbacks and challenges.

Eagerness results in the development of a deeper base of knowledge, enhancing competency and efficacy. It has also been linked with healthy and productive aging.


Comprehensive is the act or process of forming an opinion or making a decision after deliberate thought and careful evaluation of facts and ideas. One has to be open minded to properly evaluate all the facts from all perspectives and analyze and carefully evaluate the evidences. It is a highly thought oriented character attribute. It is considered to be a corrective strength as it counteracts faulty thinking, by not favoring your current views or favoring ideas that are considered the dominant view.

People with the comprehensive character attribute are found to be more reciprocative at the time of change and transition as they can see things from more than one perspective. It counteracts biased thinking thus helping in proper decision making.


Being inquisitive means to be able to explore and discover, to take an interest in ongoing experiences. Inquisitiveness can be described as novelty-seeking and being open to experience. It is linked with the natural desire to build knowledge. It is always fulfilling to journey toward an answer, to be engaged in a new experience and to learn a new fact. To go to a new city, visit a new site, meet new people, or to conduct an online search for a query can each fulfill your quest for new experiences and information.

There are two main components to curious individuals: They are involved in exploring new ideas, activities and experiences, and they also have an intense desire to increase their own personal knowledge.

Inquisitive people are most reliably associated to satisfaction with life. Inquisitiveness is also related with happiness, health, longevity, and positive social relationships.


Imagination is thinking of how to do things differently or do it in a new way. It means producing ideas or behaviors that are original. However, originality is not just what is needed, whatever is created, whether an idea or a product, must be useful for all. For example, you might make a product that is unique in looks but is of not much use. So, it would not be considered creative.

Creativity helps in developing divergent thinking – thinking in about more than one way to solve a problem. Self-confidence and greater self-knowledge are byproducts of creativity that help you feel comfortable in various situations and adapt to challenges and stressors.

INTEGRITY  Helps you to be tolerant and manage your team harmoniously.


Harmony is a way in which a person performs in coalition with other members in a group. It is displayed in all aspects of life be it sports, family, community or a small group of friends or colleagues. They are always working for the betterment to the group even in adverse situations.

People with this attribute are reliable and loyal. They are both responsible and trustworthy. They also always have a positive view about others be it the family, community, work place or country.


Management is the way in which one is able to handle a group of people and make them perform the most difficult of the tasks with ease and comfort and within a conducive environment and stipulated time frame. Such a person will be an inspiring leader with lot of dedicated followers and workers.

People with such an attribute are respected and worthy of appreciation. They along with management skills do show emotional stability, sociability and righteousness


Equality is the way in which you do not let your feelings rule your mind. You do let your personal feelings bias the way you treat others. You believe in equality that is giving a chance to all to prove themselves even though you know what is right for one might be wrong for the other. Your equality helps you to weigh a situation based on logic and morals and give judgement keep in mind empathy and compassion.

People with this attribute would always be associated with morality and legit activities rather than in immoral or illegal activities. They will have positive social bonding.

AUSTERITY  shows you are diligent and compassionate hence making you   disciplined and modest.


Compassion is a way to let go of all the wrong done by others. It enables a person to also let go of his frustrations, resentment and disappointment that he feels when something wrong is done. Such a person is not vengeful and accepts others shortcomings.

People with such an attribute have good relationships with co-workers, help in team building and display flexibility at the time of changes in environment.


Modest is a way that makes are aware of your achievements but are not loud mouthed about them. You do not like to draw attention to yourself. You might be exceptionally good in your work but want your work to speak for itself rather than you yourself praising it.

People with this attribute have a good self-esteem but are magnanimous and validate gratitude.


Diligent is a way in which one weighs all the pros and cons before taking a decision or acting. You think of all the long-term consequences your action might cause. You are rational and do not make haste decisions. You do not regret your actions.

People with this attribute are careful planners and prevent adverse circumstances from happening. Such people are dependable and result oriented.


Discipline is a way in which you have a good control over your feelings and emotions. You have high levels of confidence and believe that you can achieve your goals. You have a well-balanced lifestyle and are progressive.

People with this attribute are both physically and physiologically strong. They have a good control over their anger and get well with others.

 HUMANITY helps you to show empathy and love to all, hence giving you the strength of being sociable.


Empathy is a way of showing kindness and compassion towards others. It means being there for others when they need someone. They are generous with their time, money, talent and resources. They believe people are deserving of their empathy because of themselves and not because it is their moral duty towards them. They believe in playing by the rules of


2.Moral reasoning                                                                                                                               

3.Social responsibility

People with such an attribute are generally happy with themselves and their surroundings. They help in building meaningful relationships. They believing in giving and taking care of people around them in all possible ways.


Love is a way in which a person shows his feelings for the other. A person full of love is able to easily express his love for others and at the same time is able to accept love from others.

We can classify this feeling into four types:

Compassion : kindness for all

Companion  : for friends

Attachment  : for parents, or children

Romantic     : for partner/ girlfriend/ boyfriend

Person with the attribute of love displays kindness, tolerance and forgiveness towards others. Their relationships have a long life and are healthy and happy. Such people are satisfied and happy in their lives.


Sociability is a way is which people relate and respond to others. They are able to understand what others are feeling in all situations and what would be the correct way to respond to them. They know the correct words to be used at the right time and right place. All this makes them comfortable in all situations of life.

It can be divided into two factors:

What one senses and deciphers about others

How you react to your awareness about others

People with this attribute are comfortable in all walks of life and in meeting new people and facing different situations. They have an elated mental and physical health. They show promising results in terms of work and human relations.


Enables you to be protective and passionately possessive about people associated with you and your materialistic objects.


Protective is a way in which people take care of others. They cannot see people around them, for whom they care get hurt, criticized, or be in danger. They place themselves in between the danger and the other person to protect the other. Age, relationship or gender are no hinderances.

People with this attribute are caring and compassionate and love to work in harmony with others. They are also trustworthy and empathetic.


A Passionate person has strong beliefs in his goal. He has strong feelings for the work he does. I person needs to be dedicated, focused, hardworking and have the willingness to do the task over and over again in case of failure. A passionate person is excited and joyous about his tasks and completes them full heartedly.

People with the attribute of passion are keen listeners, future focused, have clarity of vision and are empowering. They can motivate others too to inculcate the similar passion.


A Person might show possessiveness both for people or for materialistic things. Such people are selfish and want all for themselves. Such people may also exhibit feelings of fear, anger, or anxiety. These may arise out of insecurity, inferiority complex or of the fear of loss.

People with the attribute show mood swings and are best lone workers. They might be inquisitive and imaginative but lack objectivity and comprehensiveness.

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