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Many a time we feel unhappy or unsatisfied with our day but we do not know the reason for it. We at times feel that we are putting a huge amount of hard work but not getting the results you expect.

We want to join a company or want to employ someone! We might be looking for a life partner but are not sure how to check the compatibility.

If you think you have want to solve any of the above riddles of life, continue reading!

What makes us – ‘us’

Every human being is different. There are certain character assets and attributes that make us different. Some may like a thing that others dislike. It is this aspect that makes us unique. However, if by some means we are able to find out about our own self and/ or about others and categorize them. We will be able to get answers to our questions. We will work more towards what makes us happy. We will inculcate habits that improve our weaknesses and gives us the ability to use our strengths. Also if we know this about others, we will be able to choose the right person whether it is a life partner or employee, or even a company.

What are character attributes?

We can define each and every individual by his/her character attributes. These are the defining qualities of a human being. These are not visible on the outside but are deep-seated and we can develop them over a period of time. As identified by the team of H2F Care there are seven assets namely Knowledge, Endurance, Perfection, Integrity, Austerity, Humanity, and Authority. Each of these assets is further subdivided into 27 character attributes for a clearer understanding of every humans’ character some of which are Thankfulness, Eagerness, Optimism, Possessiveness, Harmony, Modesty, etc

Developing the attributes is a 3 step process:

Step 1:  Identify your character assets and attributes.

Step 2: We need to then recognize our strengths and weakness. Choose what attributes we want to strengthen and put to good use which is already our strength.

Step 3: Start using our character attributes to achieve happiness, success and self goals.

We today are inviting you to take the 1st step and identify your character assets and attributes by taking either of our

FREE SURVEY ( Click here to take the survey).  The short survey will tell you two of your strong assets and the weakest asset. The detailed survey enlightens you about your five-strong attributes and five weak attributes. The report will be emailed to you for privacy reasons.


Once you are aware of your character assets and attributes and wish to enhance them or strengthen some other attributes you can seek guidance either from our counsellors or any other trained professionals for the same.

Building upon your middle strength attributes and weak attributes helps you to Enhances Confidence, Diminish Stress, Surge Happiness, Reinforce Relationships, Realize Goals, Improve Work and Performance, and Manage Problems both in personal and professional fields. Thus, enabling you to enhance your mental well-being and in turn physical welling. Thus, elating your levels of happiness.

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