Breathing and Yoga – The Unity

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When someone says Yoga, some people take it as stretches and poses which help strengthen the muscles and increase the flexibility of the joints. But in actuality, Yoga is way beyond the poses. Poses are just a very little part of it. Yoga when considered in the full spectrum is a spiritual connection between mind and body. Breathing is the key component where asana or poses are confluence with breathing patterns. Being aware of breathing is called ’Pranayama’.

Yoga – The Union

The literal meaning of Yoga is being together in a union. It is the union of body and mind, effort and relaxation, life and soul. Thus Yoga is an act that internally transforms an individual and connects with the inner consciousness.

Modern Yoga now is all about fancy poses in fashion clothing that looks good on Instagram. It is good to be motivated by those and practice yoga in daily life. However, the most important wisdom which those pictures miss is the most essential ingredient of complete yoga. The potent secret is breathing.

Asana – Strike a pose

The reason for Asana is to move the body in such a way that the combination of moves release channels of energy. These channels called ‘Nadis’ have immense energy which is present but not unlocked. Once we open the channels, we release the energy making our cells and organs perform better. This leads to overall health and wellbeing.

We all are alive because of life energy which flows within our bodies. This life energy called ‘prana’ regularly needs to be stimulated to be vibrant and ensure a healthy body. When we combine our Asana with deep internal breathing, we remove obstructions and energy blockades. Practicing this union purify the bodies and increases the flow of this life energy within us.

Like Asana, breathing also needs to be correct. A wrong pattern or wrong combination can lead to stress and trigger energy leaks. Shallow breathing, short breaths, breathing wrongly during asana depletes energy thereby decreasing ‘prana’ and increasing blockages in ‘nadis’.

Pranayama and Yoga

Most of us when start doing yoga never ever try to link breathing with it. We just believe that once we do Yoga, it will remove stiffness in our body and increase flexibility. Maybe initially it might seem to be true. But if correct breathing is not performed, soon the flow of energy reduction and will start showing on your daily actions as well as yoga.

No matter how many poses you try, if the breathing is not deep, the asana will not benefit the body. Trying to shape your body into different poses will only result in injury. Breathing opens the channels and makes us feel more of the emotions. Realizing breathing while doing asana ensures every cell in the body receives the flow of energy.

Deep breathing stimulates the body and mind, cleanses the systems, purifies the energy within us and increases our positive energy. Circulation increases, the lymphatic system clears better, hormonal balance is achieved better. Above all, it pacifies the nervous system thereby reducing stresses and its impact on cells.

This is how you do

Asana doing alone may give you initial results in the form of physical strength, however, it is actually injuring you from inside. It is extremely important that deep breathing is linked with yoga to access transformative energy. Also, is imperative that we maintain a proper ratio of inhaling, holding the breath, and exhaling. For beginner’s the ratio is 1:1:1 while for advanced level practices the ratio is 1:4:1. It opens Ansan’s ability to refine our mental ability and rejuvenate our organ systems and body. Deep breathing or Pranayama is the actual motor of union which helps us find what UNITY is!


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