Brain Tumor

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brain tumor

Brain tumor, the name itself is a nightmare. No one wishes any of their associates to suffer from such a deadly illness. However, our lack of awareness of this fatal and dreaded disease causes us not to recognize it at the onset. It hence develops further and becomes fatal. Today 8th June that is World Brain Tumor Day, H2F Care enlightens you of some general symptoms which might be indicative of the development of a brain tumor.

Some of the symptoms are as follows:

  1. Headaches in the early morning that may increase with activity.
  2. Seizures or convulsions that are the involuntary movement of muscles.
  3. Change in sensation, vision, hearing, or smell.
  4. Complete or partial loss of consciousness.
  5. Personality or memory changes.
  6. Nausea or vomiting.
  7. Fatigue
  8. Drowsiness
  9. Sleep problems
  10. Memory problems
  11. Changes in walking ability to perform daily tasks

These are some general symptoms while there may be more depending on the exact location of the tumor. If you notice anyone among your near and dear ones exhibiting such signs do consult a doctor immediately. An early diagnosis helps in the treatment of the illness.


If anyone in your family or friend circle has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, do not isolate the person. He or she needs you the most at this time. It is the caregivers who provide physical, practical, and above all the emotional support to the patient. At times the patients are immobile and your responsibilities might include:

  1. Providing transportation
  2. Talking to the health care team
  3. Coordinating medical appointments
  4. Giving medication.
  5. Assisting with meals
  6. Handling household chores
  7. Handling Insurance and Billing matters
  8. Providing Support and cheering the patient
  9. Helping cope with side effects of the treatment

Love and Support

Half the battle of the treatment is won if a patient has a loving and caring caregiver. The attitude and response of the caregivers help to keep the patient’s desire to live alive. This desire helps the doctors in treating the patient.

A well-aware and conscious family firstly helps to identify a disease in its early stages. Then by giving full love and support can help reduce the burdens of painful treatment. Let us share this vital information with all our friends and family and make each other aware of the traumatic illness like a brain tumor and may help save some lives.

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