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It has been a few days since I have been gloomy. Nothing at work nor home seems to be heading in the right direction.
All of us face such situations. It is normal for all humans to behave and feel depressed or anxious at times. What is important is, are you able to bounce back from the stress? Or the stress consumes you and the bad times never end?

Have you noticed a person with a perfect body figure? Wondered how he or she achieved it? Ask them, the answer is sheer hard work. Just like we can achieve physical wellbeing with hard work, we can build up our mental wellbeing also

Pump Up your Mental Wellbeing

All we need to do is first identify that a problem exists. Unless you accept that a problem exists you will not look for the solution Then simply start putting a conscious effort towards building it up. I am sharing a six steps plan with you. Try all of them out one by one. Each has its value and together forms a magical potion.

Being socially connected

Meet your friends and relatives regularly. If you have none now is the time to start afresh and make new friends with neighbors or associates. Indulge in small talk with all you meet throughout your day. Exchange a few greetings and a smile.

Stay active

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, say adieus to it and put on your walking shoes. A 30 minutes walk to start with should be the first step, gradually increasing the time and intensity of the workout.

Stress Management

Learn to relax and enjoy life. Go out and party, or take a spa, enjoy the sunset or a beautiful view, go for a movie or to a theatre. There is so much we are missing in life.

Eat a mentally uplifting diet

Foods like alcohol, caffeine, saturated fatty foods, high sugar snacks are bad for mental health, avoid these.

Sleep Management

Do not miss out on your eight hours of beauty sleep. Stick to your bedtime routine. Prepare well before bed by keeping electronic gadgets away from the bedroom, maintaining the optimum sleep ambiance and temperature of the bedroom.

Find a purpose and meaning in life

Actively involve yourself in some meaningful activities like gardening, learning an instrument, caregiving, volunteering, building up lost relationships, or even caring for a pet.

If you have been putting in all efforts and still feel something amiss do not hesitate to seek professional advice and guidance. However, continuing with all the above-mentioned steps will only help you achieve your mental wellness at the earliest.




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