Balance Your Work and Personal Life When Working From Home

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With smartphones coming in our personal phones are no longer personal. We check emails, read work messages, make calls, and whatnot. Personal life and professional life has become intertwined. We are often told to draw a clear line between work-personal lives. But it is no longer that simple. Hence the time has come that we need to devise a different approach.

The impossible balancing act

We often try and evaluate our lives on the basis of our success and happiness. A survey done on working-class though revealed that work is always on a higher priority in most cases. This leaves the guilt of not doing enough on the family front. The guilt does affect our work and efficiency. It becomes a situation where the candle is burning from both ends. We need to solve the impossible and show up on personal and professional lives leading to a balanced state. But how?

What imbalance can do

As mentioned above, most people give a little more to work and hence personal life takes a back seat. The job success feeling actually burns us out draining us emotionally. This makes us unproductive and reduces our motivation. There are few whom we will define as workaholics. All this leads to more family conflicts and unhappy social life. Some do suggest the best way out of it is to reduce the time spent on work. It although will certainly help, but may not be possible most of the time.

Mindfulness to balance work-personal life

What if instead of reducing the work time, we try and be more productive and focused. By adopting mindful meditation, one can increase awareness, clarity, and focus. It simply helps us notice when we are overdoing things and need to detach. Meditation helps us with a clear perspective recognizing healthy and unhealthy practices.

Mindful meditation also helps us understand the functioning of the brain. Hence we handle stressful situations better and our decision-making improves. Thus the best technique is to become more productive in work time and be fully present in personal life. There may not be sharp boundaries between them, however, one can still get satisfaction out of streamlined focus.

Work from home culture

What this pandemic has done is literally shifted offices to people’s bedrooms. The line between lives which was drawn by office and home has been erased. Many offices have realized that work from home culture is cost-saving and hence may not switch to full office even after the pandemic situation improves.

There are three things one may keep in mind while working from home:

  • Keep morning fresh – Never ever try and jump out of your bed straight into meeting. Keep your morning time personal. Start your day with your personal time so that you are fresh and relaxed for the rest of the day.
  • Make a dedicated work place – Designate a place for work. Ensure you do not include your home space in that. The act of setting up a space gives a feeling of start and end of office time.
  • Commute to office – Even if the office space is 10 meters away, make sure that you keep the feeling of commuting to office alive. Find time to move out of office space to take a break.

Take home message

It may be a struggle to craft a balance between work and personal life, but a mindful intentional move can help you achieve it. Once you define this awareness, the feel of content will improve all aspects of life.

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