Are You Over-Motivated?

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Have you ever heard of being over-motivated? One of my followers asked me that despite being too much motivated for a goal, he failed and also lost interest and motivation soon. I felt it is an interesting question as to why it happened. Most of us would assume that we cannot have too much motivation. We actually do not recognize if actually, too much motivation is possible. But you need to look back and ask yourself a question,” Are you over motivated?”

Lack of surplus motivation

Lack of motivation and surplus of motivation are two sides of the same coin. They both exist and are unsuitable to achieve a goal. They lead us nowhere. The fact is, you need to be motivated, or you probably will never start. On the other hand, if you are too much motivated, you will never end. In both cases, you never reach your goals. 

You probably have lived this situation or have met people like that at least once in your life. They are all around us. They are always busy, but unable to achieve meaningful goals. Those people give up because they are not seeing any progress. Thus as time passes by, they lose focus. It is simple that if one is over-motivated, the focus is lost. This is because too much motivation overshadows the analytic ability. So a person is not able to see smaller results and make necessary corrections. Soon they lose track and hence start seeing failure leading to sudden demotivation and switching off. 

What is the solution?

How to hit the sweet spot between too much and too little motivation? First, you need to understand what is stopping you. Check your demotivating factors and bring them up. This you can do if you want to achieve a goal but are unable to start. 

Next, you need to find out what sparks your genuine joy and passion and figure out how to systematically nurture it. 

Lastly, once you have started, remain focused and make small checkpoints to do course correction if required. This will maintain motivation to achieve the final goal. However, the small steps will ensure you are not over motivated and miss some vital inputs.  

Take home message 

The small goals or checkpoints will keep you running. Every time you achieve one goal, you will keep running. Focus on setting achievable goals to keep motivated for the final goal. 


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