Are Women Superior or Equal?

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women equality

In the present scenario where the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan, the main concern worldwide is the state of the women in that country. In the past Taliban has shown itself to be intolerant to women’s equality and the world is aware of the atrocities the women went through under the Taliban. Although the leaders of the Taliban are stating that there will be radical changes in the Taliban government in matters where women are concerned, it is yet to prove itself.

Why is Women’s Equality Important?

Firstly, we need to understand that equality is about ensuring that each and every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents. Now speaking in the context of women, it is to ensure that they have a say and decision-making capacity on everything including sexual and reproductive health. It also prevents violence both sexual and domestic, against women and girls.

Causes Of Women Inequality

There are several causes for the inequality and disparity that women face in Indian society. All these causes are interlaced and woven together, that is one leading to another. To overcome Inequality, we need to break these bondages.

  1. Poverty: Most of the rural India today is below poverty line. Most of the people today especially after the pandemic are struggling for the basic means to life and food, water, clothing and housing. For such people words like equality have no meaning. The women among this section bear the brunt of domestic and sexual violence on daily basis.
  2. Illiteracy: Education and Literacy are dreams for those under the poverty line. While, those just above it considers it necessary only for the boys. Girls are taken for granted to help in the domestic chores
  3. Lack of Awareness among women: As the women are not educated, they themselves are not aware the rights they have and what all injustices they can fight against.
  4. Unemployment for women: Even if the women are educated, they do not get work in the male dominated society and those lucky few who do get meagre jobs for lack of education are not paid as handsomely as their male counterparts.
  5. Social customs and beliefs: The society on the whole is male centric. People still are happy on the birth of a male child while a girl child is a liability for them from birth.  People show disparities in how the girl child is brought up and on her status in the family.
  6. Social attitude: There a few social activists who are working for the reforms of the atrocities being carried against women, but they do not see many changes in the society especially in the rural India.

Benefits of Women’s Equality

The benefits of giving equality to women are numerous only if people realize these and adopt them, they will see rise and growth in their families as well as in the country.

  1. Improved Health care: If women are educated and are aware of the benefits of health-care they will be able to take better care not of just themselves but the entire family. They thus will be part of family health management and family planning related decisions.
  2. It helps business: Worldwide statistics show that companies managed by women have more motivated staff. Women are always more engaged with the welfare of their employees while at the same time are more affirmative in getting results. Thus, leading to higher interests and motivation in staff along with higher productivity.
  3. Good for economy: In countries where women are active part of the workforce, the economic growth of those countries is more.
  4. Children are healthier and happier: A healthy educated and happy mother will raise her children to be like wise.
  5. Economic Upgrowth: Women are smart investors. If they are also an earning member and have the liberty to plan the finances of the family, the economic upliftment of the family will be unquestionable.

Bottom Line

Considering a girl child equal to a boy child, giving it equal opportunities for education and growth will make the future of the family and the society, in large, a safer and happier place to live.

The men are probably aware of the mental strength and superiority of women. They are afraid that they will lose the respect and power they currently enjoy hence, they oppress and abuse women, using their physical strength. They are manipulating nature’s differences and are creating their own differences hindering their families, countries, and the world from becoming a peaceful and happy place to live on.

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