Adventure Sports – Mountain Climbing Day

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While planning a vacation the first thing I check is the activities around that place into which I can indulge. Being a lover of adventure sports I always look forward to paragliding, kayaking, trekking, and so on. I am sure most of you would also be doing the same. Adventure sports as the name suggests are activities that involve extraordinary speed, scaling heights, physical exertion, death-defying stunts, and so on. These activities involve a high degree of risk to the participants along with the thrill, entertainment, and adventure that they provide. One needs to have a strong mental makeup to indulge in them. A person here competes against nature rather than competing against any other participant.

Some of the commonly found adventure sports are

  • Trekking
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountaineering/ Mountain climbing
  • River rafting
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Paragliding

Mountain Peaks

Today being the National Mountain Climbing Day let us enlighten you with the names of a few mountain peaks you can climb in India, some of these are
  • Mentok Kangri, Ladhak
  • Nun Kun Peak, Ladhak
  • Deo Tibba, Manali
  • Seven sisters peak, Manali
  • Mt Jopuno, Sikkim
  • Mt Thingchinkhan, Sikkim
  • Mount Satopanth peak, Uttrakhand
  • Mt Shivlinga, Uttrakhand
All of these are open between June and October.

Benefits Of Adventure Sports

Besides the thrill and adventure, these sports benefit us a lot in our holistic development,  Naming some of these as:
  1. Develop Self-confidence: people who engage in adventure sports compete with themselves and hence have a great sense of achievement. This boosts up their self-confidence.
  2. To build concentration: These sports need you to remain attentive during the entire process. A person thus needs to work on his / her concentration and focusing techniques before participating in them.
  3. Nurtures bonding with nature: these sports give ample exposure to nature thus enhancing the bond of the participant with nature.
  4. Face challenges against odd situations: one learns to face the challenges that crop up during the entire period of the event and prepare us to face any such odd challenges everywhere else in our lives.
  5. Use of abundant energy: they teach us how to correctly channelize the abundant energies we possess
  6. Encourages creativity: the development of the new maneuvers and stylish execution of them enhances our creativity.
  7. Develops Mental and Physical fitness: Some of these sports require extreme physical fitness and encourage us to indulge in muscle building and to follow a fitness regime.
  8. Improves social relations: while in these sports we get to meet new people and learn to cooperate and work in unison with them.
  9. Provides amusement and excitement: the thrill and entertainment obtained by taking part in these sports is not a hidden factor
  10. An outlet for stress and tensions: they help us to escape the stress and tensions we face in our otherwise daily lives.

Be Alive 

As these sports rekindle the fire to live, we must all indulge in these adventure sports from time to time in our lives. We should not wait for the right time but make an endeavor and plan for these events. People of all ages and gender can be a part of the simplest trekking events if nothing else.

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