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The word ‘adolescence’ is derived from the Latin word ‘adolesceker’ which means “to grow to maturity.” It is a period of uncertain beginning and ending that cannot be dated exactly. But, generally, it is considered that this period is the age of 13 to 19 years. This age begins with changes in our glands of internal secretion.

It means a child of this age group tends to be self-dependent. During this period, many physical, physiological, mental, social, and emotional changes take place. There is an extraordinary increase in weight, height, bones, muscles, and strength. Physical growth becomes rapid in the beginning. Boys start appearing like men and girls like women.

Problems of Adolescents

Owing to various changes, children of this age group face many problems. Indeed, it is a very delicate period of their life. The major problems, which adolescents face, are described below.

  1. Physical Problems

During adolescence, many bodily changes take place. Development of sex glands takes place. As a result of these changes, adolescents feel restless and worried.

  1. Mental Problems

During this age, stress, tension, and strife are common. These traits create many mental problems. An adolescent faces many problems such as difficulty in cooperating and adjusting with others, etc. They face anxiety.

  1. Problem of Aggressive Behavior

In this age group, children tend to show aggressive behavior. They become aggressive on small matters. Adolescents become irritated easily. They try to gain importance.

  1. Lack of Stability and Adjustment

Adolescents do not have complete stability and they face adjustment problems. Their behavior becomes erratic. They are unable to adjust to other people. They fail to coordinate with others. Not just outside but they cannot adjust in the family either. They find it difficult to cooperate with their family members. They feel that they are under pressure because of their parents. Adolescents want to have a free atmosphere at home without any rules or regulations.

  1. Emotional Problems

Adolescents are full of emotions Under the influence of such emotions, they perform some uphill tasks, which seem to be impossible in the beginning.

  1. Problems Related to Sex

During adolescence, children face many problems, which are related to sex. Sometimes, they become so eager that they do not hesitate to leave their family.

  1. Problems of Self-support

Every adolescent needs self-support. They want to take their place in society. They desire to live a fruitful life.

  1. Feeling of Importance

Adolescents begin to think of themselves as important. They demand respect. But, sometimes, parents do not take them seriously. They fail to understand the feelings of adolescents. That’s why teenagers tend to feel unimportant and it becomes a great problem.

  1. Social Problems

It has been observed that adolescents want to adopt their ways. But society creates many hindrances in their paths, they revolt against the social customs and traditions. Friends are important for this age group. They share their views, knowledge, and experience, and hence, sometimes, the group acts as a medium of spreading social vices and dissatisfaction. If this group gets proper guidance, it is the best institution for developing social skills, confidence, and comprehension. These adolescents sometimes fall prey to intoxication, i.e., alcohol, drugs, and smoking.

Management of Problems

Now, it is clear that adolescence is a stage of stress and tension. But, up to some extent,
it depends upon the environment in which a person lives. In certain societies, where a good
environment is provided to adolescents, they face fewer problems. But it cannot be denied
that it is the stage of problems and if these problems are not solved, the consequences can be dangerous. Parents, as well as teachers, can play a vital role in dealing with the problems of adolescents. It seems to be easy but is difficult to manage. It needs systematic efforts. The following suggestions can be beneficial for the management of these problems

  1. Education for Motor Development

An adolescent should be provided education for his/her motor development. He/She should be encouraged to play various games and sports. Through these games and sports, his/her motor development will take place properly.

  1. Education of Psychology

Teachers and parents should have a basic knowledge of psychology. They should be able to understand the psychology of an adolescent. It is essential to sort out the problems and focus on their management. Parents should provide the knowledge of psychology to the adolescent because many problems can be solved by adolescents themselves.

  1. Sex Education

We are living in a society, where sex education is not provided properly. However, it should be imparted in schools and colleges. An adolescent has an attraction to the opposite sex. Most adolescents develop the wrong concept about sex.

  1. Vocational Guidance

Teachers should provide vocational guidance to adolescents.
This guidance should be provided keeping in view their intelligence, capabilities, aptitude, and interest.

  1. To Provide a Suitable Environment

Adolescents should be provided a suitable environment for growth and development. They should be provided proper facilities and opportunities for proper development. Adolescents should be given a proper or balanced diet because malnutrition can create many problems. They should be taught how to behave and how to live appropriately. Proper attention to providing a healthy environment should be paid. Parents should look after the health problems of their adolescents.

  1. Adequate Independence

Teachers and parents should give adequate independence to adolescents. Adolescents want freedom in every facet of life. They wish to express their views independently. Their views should be given proper weightage if those are important. They should be allowed to express their feelings and suggestions. They should be allowed to go for a picnic, mountaineering, hiking, and trekking. Parents should not impose their will upon them. They should try to understand the sentiments of adolescents.

  1. Social Education

Social education is also important in adolescence. As we know that social virtues are necessary to lead a social life. So, these virtues should be taught through social education. They should be taught how to adjust themselves in society. It is a fact that man is a social animal. Our existence depends on society but too much dependency is not good for leading a good life.

A Word From H2FCare

Adolescence is a stage of struggle, tension, and anxiety. So, proper attention should be paid to the problems of adolescents so that their development could be proper. Parents and teachers should always try to solve the problems of adolescents so that they could give their valuable contribution to the development and upliftment of their nation in the future.


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