8 Ways to Boost Self Confidence

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self confidence

Self-confidence means trusting your capabilities, abilities, skills, and judgment. It is about valuing yourself and feeling worthy, in spite of your imperfections and shortcomings. Having self-confidence is important to your health and well-being. 

There are situations in every person’s life when they are feeling low on self-confidence. During such times they might be feeling anxious, insecure and this would interfere with their ability to act appropriately.

Why Self- Confidence Matters?

When we see around ourselves all the successful people, we find exude confidence. Is it because they are successful that they are confident or vice-versa? I think it is the other way round, confident people tend to inspire others, be it their audience, clients, bosses, co-workers, or even friends.

Boost Your Confidence

There are several ways and means to build up your self-confidence. Some of these that can be easily practiced to boost up your confidence is:

  1. Focus On Your Strengths: When you are in a situation where need to be confident, but you don’t feel up to it, remind yourself of your abilities and skills. Focus on your talents and accomplishments. This helps you to focus and magnify on your strengths and minimize those you are not so confident about.
  • Talk Yourself Up: Talking to yourself positively is a great way to boost up your confidence. Remind yourself of the optimistic side of the situation. On the other hand, negative talk leads to self-limiting beliefs, the more you tell your self you cannot handle something, more likely you will fail at it.
  • Prime Yourself for Success: Think of a time when you succeeded and the let that feeling build up on you. Once you are filled with those emotions start working on the new situation.
  • Look For Inspiration: Read or watch a video of the confident successful people you admire. Repeat the motivating matras they recite. Pick the quotes carefully which actually motivate and help you.
  • Avoid Making Comparisons: Do not compare yourself to others. Comparisons can be detrimental. When you make comparisons, you start to envy others and it makes you feel bad about yourself.
  • Take New Challenges: Try to get out of your comfort zone, but do not go unprepared. Venturing into a new zone might make you less confident, however rehearsing and practicing for it can help you boost up your confidence.
  • Tame Your Nerves: Confident people appear at ease in all situations even if they are anxious or in a high-pressure situation. Learn to deal with your emotions and anxieties. Practices like deep breathing, muscle relaxation or visualization of the situation may help you stay calm and display confidence.
  • Exude Confidence in Your Body Language: Keep your body language confident such as maintain eye contact with others, avoid fidgeting, stand firmly on both feet, no slouching, do not hunch your shoulders, sit up straight. Powerful body language makes you more self-assured and hence more confident.

A Word from H2FCare

If you are preparing for a lecture or a speech work on boosting your self-confidence in front of a mirror. Once you are ready try with family and friends. Every individual is unique what works for one might not for another. Some might need more than one rehearsal to prepare. Some are born confident; others need to build it up. Do not give up! Success comes to those who keep trying!

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