7 Ways To Enhance Your Relationship With Your Spouse

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In today’s world where both the partners in a relationship are working, managing work, kids, home, friends, family is taxing enough. To top it up if you are having a difficult time maintaining a good relationship with your spouse, life truly becomes hard. There are several ways to mend up strained relations with your spouse. We are bringing out a few tried and tested methods to enhance your relationship.

1. Surprise with Little things

Giving a surprise on a birthday and anniversary is something that is expected but the fun is in the surprise when it is not expected. Meeting your spouse at their workplace, gifting chocolate, a hug before leaving for work, leaving a sticky note in the bag, are small acts of showing appreciation and affection that are remembered and cherished more than the expensive gifts.

2. Create Novel Experiences

Every family has some traditions. It is great to carry them forward but at the same time try and build some new experiences with your partner and children. These experiences need not be very big or fancy might just be an ice cream date after dinner every Friday, or learning a new dance form together. The element of variety and surprise rekindles the love in couples.

3. Fight Better

No one likes to fight with their loved ones however disagreements are bound to happen and are in fact healthy. If you fight fairly and constructively the fight will end in a stronger and better relationship than a bittered one.

4. Share a loving story

Due to high-stress levels and disconnections, you tend to focus on the negative stories and what your partner is not doing, not appreciating you, and so on. If you try and focus on the good times you had shared at the beginning of the relationship, some funny stories and memories might remind you of how and why you got together in the first place.

5. Be Vulnerable

We should be curious about our blind spots. Dig deep and try to discover them. Sharing your vulnerability helps create deeper intimacy. A blind spot does not mean weakness or a fault, it just might be the reason for your particular behavior. Say, if you are controlling the schedule of your loved one it might be because you don’t want to be alone at any time, it might be related to your fear of abandonment because your father left you when you were young. Realizing it and sharing it with your partner is the first step to changing the pattern. It will help to build trust and love between you two.

6. Sleep At Same Time

For a healthier relationship, hit the bed at the same time. Those with mismatched bedtimes report more conflicts, less conversation, and less sex than those who go to bed at the same time.

7. Spend time Apart

Everyone needs their own space and quality time outside the relationship. This may sound erratic and senseless but is a way to improve your relationship. Individuals need time on their own for their personal growth and to maintain independence within the relationship. When individuals flourish, the relationship itself benefits. It is the key to successful marriages.

Own time may be a walk in the park or a workout with a friend. As a result, you feel refreshed and more patient. You and your special partner miss each other at that time. You have more to share with each other and enliven your conversations.

A Word From H2FCare

These are surprisingly simple techniques but are very impactful in improving your relationship with your spouse. Interestingly it is not the personality or compatibility that keeps couples together. Instead how a couple speaks to each other, how they get along, whether they appreciate each other are the key points that focus on building a successful relationship.

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