12 Weeks Beginners Training Program For A 30-Minute Run

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30 min run

It is important for a beginner to understand some ground rules before the training program is adopted.

  • Easy pace means a pace at which you can have a conversation.
  • Hard run means you cannot have a conversation but are not running out of breath.
  • At any time during the program if one feels uneasy, just stop.
  • Never start training session without warmup and dynamic stretching. 15 minutes are good for this.
  • End training program by cooling down followed by static stretching or Yoga (watch our video). Try to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes cooling down.
  • Running will always cause pain. However never run if pain doesn’t go away in about 500 meters or 3 to 4 minutes into running. Also if pain is effecting your natural gait, immediately stop..
  • Always have proper gear to run such as cloths and shoes.
  • Use anti-chaffing gels and other stuff available. It is the most irritating injury.
  • If you have an injury, never google or start asking for advice from others. Seek advice from a professional runner or a medical practitioner.
  • Give importance to hydration especially if you are running in hot and humid weather.
  • Do address your diet and rest needs.
  • Always have a rest day in a week.
  • Even if you feel you have progressed well and can jump a week’s schedule, never do it.

Week 1

Build stamina to walk for 30 minutes non-stop at the same pace. Even if you have been doing irregular walks, just try to be regular and walk without stopping for even a short duration. Remember, distance is not important here but the duration is.

Week 2

Walk for 5 minutes and then run for 1 minute. Every time you walk try to maintain the same pace. Also, run slow but sure. You do not have to run hard. Just soft enough that you can have a conversation while running. Remember here too duration is important and not the distance. So you will have five sets of the 6-minute each (5-minute walk and 1-minute run) making it a training schedule of 30 minutes.

Week 3

Increase your running time and at the same time decrease walk time. Maintain the sets of 6 minutes only but this time walk for 4 minutes and run for 2 minutes. Again you will have a training schedule of 30 minutes.

Week 4

Further, increase your run time and decrease walk time. Now maintain a 3-minute walk and a 3-minute run. Do this five times maintaining a training schedule of 30 minutes.

Week 5

By now you must be having an urge to walk less and run more. So now we will walk less and run more. It will be a 2-minute walk and a 4-minute run. The set size remains the same that is 6 minutes. So 5 such sets will make a training schedule of 30 minutes.

Week 5

Now we decrease the number of sets and increase set duration. Make each set of 10 minutes which should have a 3-minute walk and a 7-minute run. We will do 3 sets only keeping the training session for 30 minutes only.

Week 6

Increase the running time to 8 minutes in each set and decrease walk time to 2 minutes. Thus set duration remains the same and the number of sets is are also maintained to be 3 sets. Training session maintained at 30 minutes.

Week 7

We will further increase our running time to 10 minutes followed by a 2:30 walk. Two sets of this will make 25 minutes. At the end of the second walk, we will try to run harder for 5 minutes. Run hard enough such that you are now not able to make a conversation.

Week 8

Increase run time to 12 minutes followed by 3 minutes walk. So now the set duration is 15 minutes. Two sets will put us into 30 minutes of training. We will increase our training duration by running hard for 6 minutes in the finale. Total training session duration 36 minutes.

Week 9

We will run continuously for 15 minutes and then walk for 3 minutes. Each set is for 18 minutes. Two sets keeping training session to be at 36 minutes. However, in our 15 minute run time, we will run hard for the last 3 minutes.

Week 10

By now you will feel surprisingly energetic even at the end of the run. So we will increase our run time to 20 minutes followed by a walk of 5 minutes. We will then do a second set of 15-minutes run and a 5-minute walk. So the total training session now stands at 45 minutes. Here too last 3 minutes of our run time will be at a higher pace.

Week 11

Increase our first run time to 25 minutes and a 5-minute walk. Second, run for 10 minutes at a slightly higher pace and then a 5-minute walk. Training session maintained at 45 minutes.

Week 12

You will be able to run 30 minutes on day one itself. So run with ease. After 30 minutes use the next 15 minutes for a run/walk as you feel comfortable with. Training session maintained at 45 minutes.

By now you should be able to cover between 3.5 to 6 Km as distance also in 30 minutes. However, to avoid injuries, remember the distance is not important, duration is!

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  1. Very helpful. Had given up running due to joint pain issues. Will try to start again with this schedule.

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